Avant Ultimate Browser Free Download

Avant Ultimate Browser Free Download

Avant is simple, best, fast and easy to use internet browser that expands the features of internet explorer, Google chrome and Firefox. Avant browser is available as free download for windows 8.1, windows 7, windows vista, windows server 2008 and windows XP as well. Avant automatically installs some additional features to internet explorer and other browsers also. Avant browser integrates add blocker, automatic form filling, online bookmarking, fast downloading, secure and fast browsing, automatic updating, saving credentials of users and lots of others. Avant browser is multi-core processing web explorer that boosts your web experience immediately. It blocks heavy and much loaded ads from the websites that opened in it.

Avant browser provides some additional features that are not available even in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari as well. Avant is an intelligent internet browser that automatically detects the flash player content such as online games, ads and flash videos as well. Avant also provides browsing in tabbed with movable tabs. Avant browser is one of the most popular internet browser that is stable, fast and versatile than its competitors. Avant browser has simple and user friendly graphic interface. Avant takes very low CPU and RAM usage and never hangs your computer at all. It provides features and functions with ease and access. There are no spywares, ad-wares and maleware activities in Avant browser that hurts your computer windows and your data as well.

Low Memory Usage:

Avant browser takes lower RAM memory usage while browsing the web at anytime from anywhere. Avant never slows down your computer, laptop or notebook because it only uses little bit of RAM memory. There are other browsers that taking too many RAM after running the process. Google chrome and Mozilla are the most heavy web browsers in the competitors list. Avant on the other side is most lite web browser that browses the web without disturbing your windows.

Downloading Acceleration:

Avant browser automatically accelerates downloads with its integrated downloading acceleration technology. It can easily manages downloads from download options. You can remove download history one by one or remove all the recent download history easily. Multi threaded downloader can increase the downloading speed instantly. The management of downloaded files is simpler, faster and easier than ever before.

Secure Browsing:

Professional and business users are always fears from hackers, monitors and seekers. Avant is one of the best internet browser that provides most required security, privacy and protection to its users. Avant browser wll save the credential information of user after getting confirmation from user. Otherwise it clears the recent log-in information such as form filling, email, passwords and many others. It also clears the credit card numbers, ATM numbers and other secret online shopping information.

Low CPU Usage:

Avant browser is very fast web browser that only takes lowest CPU usage that doesn't affect your computer speed at all. Avant browser is lightest web browser after Opera for windows and opera mini for android. New dynamic multiprocessing core technology makes avant as fast as possible. This technology will reduce the CPU usage while using Avant browser and explore your web experience.

Auto Form Filling:

Auto form filling is the most popular feature of avant browser that is used to login to any website, email service, sign up form and many others with single click. This feature will save the valuable time of users with providing access with single click. It doesn't need to enter credential information every time you want to log-in. Avant can automatically enter in your account after getting confirmation from user.

Auto Pop Blocker:

Avant browser provides pop blocker feature that is already available in all other popular browsers. This feature will reduce the load of website with blocking additional pop ups while opening. Auto pop up blocker will works automatically with identifying additional popups and blocks them all without getting confirmation from user.

Simple Graphic Interface:

Avant has simple and user enhanced graphic interface that makes it user friendly. Avant's new look and style brings new colors in the browsing experience of its users. The layout and interface is fully customizable with the desires of user.

Application Details

Size: 81 MB
Version: 2018
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Avant

Avant Browser Free Download


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