October 28, 2014

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne APK For Android

Asphalt 8 Airborne APK For Android

Asphalt8 Airborne is latest racing game developed and released by Gameloft that works in all android mobiles and tablets. Asphalt 8 is basically a car racing video game published for multiple platforms including Windows 8, Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone as well. The release date of this game was 22 August 2013. The most recent games in this series are Asphalt 7 Heat and Asphalt 6 Adrenaline. The developer adds newest cars from all the series of mostly used companies. The popular auto companies are Ford, Mercedes, BMW, Andy, Ferrari, Nissan, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Lotus, Lamborghini and many others. All the cars are divided into several classes from Class D to Class A.

Gameloft adds online multiplayer feature for professional gamers who can connect to the game server through Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. The roads are fully furnished with 3D content like buildings, trees, shopping malls, auto workshops and more. There are 5 classes from A to E are given in the gameplay and every class has unique car combination with different capabilities. The player is able to upgrade car engine, change color, body, lights, acceleration, tires and other spare parts as well. Asphalt has 4.5 ratings at Google Play Store. However, the game has high definition graphics with real sound effects. There were more than 8 players can join through multiplayer feature. The car damage system is just awesome like real world.

The player can use their cars to drive throughout anywhere in the race. In March 2014, the developer announced an official update to add more locations from all around the world. The new locations are Great Wall (China), Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and San Diego Harbor (Mexico and USA border). Gameloft has already added up to 9 different popular locations from worldwide which may include:

  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Alps (A mountain range covers 8 European countries)
  • Venice (Italy)
  • London (United Kingdom)
  • Monaco (Monaco)
  • Nevada (United States)
  • Iceland (country between Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic)
  • Guiana (France)

Asphalt 8 Airborne For Android

However the game has received good response from its lovers and also the game rating companies/sites give 90% positive ratings to it. IGN gives 7.8/10, Metacritic gives 91/100 and GameRankings give 92.33/100 as well. The overall performance of the car depends how the player upgrade the parts of the car. A Class car's are too expensive to buy and they need more money than any other class vehicles. There is only way of earning higher rankings and money to beat the other cars and be at first position. The gameplay is just similar to Need for Speed, Moto Racer, Hot Wheels, 8 Wheels, Nascar, MotoGP, Road Rash and other racing games. The other features of this game are drifting, jumping the car, hitting or dodge other cars, boost the speed and more.

Application Details

Size: Varies on device
Version: 8.0
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Gameloft

Download Asphalt 8 Airborne APK For Android

October 26, 2014

Download Fightback APK for Android

Download Fightback APK Game for Android

Fightback is full action and fighting game especially developed and released for Android users. Fight back is one of the top class action games under the hood of Action category by Chillingo. The whole game consists on different one on one fighting plans but some positions where the player can perform several actions such as kick, fist, elbow and jump as well. While fighting, you can control the shots of player through direct touch screen panel. Start combo combination through striking multiple buttons at ones like Tekken 3 and Street Fighter. The powers are also ready to destroy the health of enemies on immediate action. The whole city is rich with different gangs who perform stupid actions with civilian people so they need a spider man to save them.

However, you've played various other running and action games like Assault 8, Snooker, Temple Run, Hill Climb, Subway Surfers, Sky Force and many others on android mobiles. Fightback is totally different game than any of these because it gives lots of fun and entertainment through running and kicking gameplay. The enemies use different sticks, bottles and other weapons to kill the player but the player is rich skill person who is able to fight with them without weapons. The game based on various rounds/missions where you'll face different difficulty levels alongwith individual boss levels. The gameplay is similar to Ninja Turtles & Cadillacs and Dinosaurs where the player's will perform similar actions to kill the enemies one by one.

There are up to 100 levels called floor to floor fist fighting where the player is used combos of fist and kicks to kill the enemies. Take jump or run anywhere, use skills and abilities to save maximum health in less time. The next rounds will fuel up the player with pistols, pump action shotguns, bazooka explosive content, body armor, heavy machine guns and other assault rifles. These weapons will increase the bonus and money of the player after killing the enemies faster. The main objective of the game is to motivate the children that how to use skills while fighting with enemies.

Fightback Game Features:

  • Smooth and HD graphic results
  • More than one hundred fighting levels
  • Combos with the use of fist and kicks
  • Use light and heavy weapons to kill more enemies
  • Send invitation to your Facebook friends directly
  • 3D stunning and bright display
  • Endless game mode will increase in cash rapidly
  • Easy and simple touch controls for kick, movement or fist
  • Customize the character with tattoos, weapons and cloths
  • Works on all Android mobiles and tables.

Download Fightback APK for Android

Application Details

Size: 185 MB
Version: 1.8.0
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Chillingo

Download Fightback APK App for Android

October 22, 2014

Download 360 Total Security 5.0


360 Total Security is a freeware antivirus and anti-spyware program that provides maximum security and protection to its consumers. There are many new antivirus and other security software that features more advantages but they are expensive for most of computer users. Qihoo 360 Technologies has developed this free antivirus to handle with new security threats. It has powerful scanning engine that will prevents your computer from dangerous threats like Trojans, Autoruns, Malwares, Spywares and other malicious Viruses as well. 360 total security is new product in the niche of security and antivirus products. It grows day by day and gets more popularity among its top competitors.

However, it provides anti malware feature with monitoring live web pages for maximum protection. Anti malware feature will check and scan every downloaded file and infected files were automatically removed. Antivirus system will prevent autoruns and .exe file viruses from running in background. 360 is complete security solution which automatically scans USB flash drives and Memory Cards as well to quarantine malicious and suspicious threats. Anti hacking feature will permanently monitors online shopping, payments through credit cards and other username and passwords to stop hacking and theft attempts.

Moreover, there is an advance feature named One Click Cleanup feature which will optimize overall PC performance. It will increase the overall windows speed with optimizing the process and repair errors in windows registry and other OS foundations. Quick virus scanning system will remove viruses and other dangerous threats from Local Hard Drives, SD/Micro Memory Card and USB Flash Drives as well. Wi-Fi is mostly used internet resource in worldwide and the chances of infecting your device are higher so 360 total security gives security through Wi-Fi security check up feature. Every user wants to have a fast computer device but most of antivirus software will hangs up the computer while scanning, startup and updating but 360 is light, fast and reliable antivirus.

360 Total Security Features:

  • Faster virus scanning system
  • Advance technologies to fight against threats
  • System optimizer for speed acceleration
  • Safe web browsing without worries of malware
  • Safe online shopping and without worries of hacking attempts
  • Wi-Fi network scanning and monitoring system
  • Downloading files scanning
  • Website scanning and protection from infected websites
  • Integration with Avira and Bitdefender antivirus engine
  • Accelerate computer speed with PC Junk Cleanup
  • Advanced scanning for junk files of internet explorer
  • All Microsoft OS compatible
  • Light, fast and intelligent antivirus software
  • Social media monitoring feature for more protection

Recommended Antivirus Software:

Application Details

Size: 30.28 MB
Version: 5.0
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Qihoo 360

Download 360 Total Security 5.0

October 19, 2014

Lightshot Screenshot Software Free Download

Lightshot Screenshot Software

Lightshot is screenshot / screen grabbing utility tool that is used to take screen shots anywhere on Microsoft windows OS. Lightshot is latest version software which allows the user to take PNG, JPEG and BMP images immediately. Screen capturing is now a common problem for everyone. Most of us especially wed designers, graphic designers, web developers and professional computer users are using lightshot as a default picture capturing software. Google Chrome gives several extensions for screen capturing, Mozilla Firefox gives different add-ons for this matter, Opera also trying to provide solution for its users. Safari and Internet Explorers are also working to make there browsers "developer's friendly" but they both are enough behind in this terminology.

However, this solution will works inside web browsers but it doesn't works in other software or anywhere else. So according to this problem, PrntScr has released lightshot for Microsoft Windows OS which is able to take and save PNG or JPEG image immediately. The default keyboard shortcut key is Print Screen (PrtScr/SysRq) button exists at right top along with scroll lock button. You can even change the default keystroke from the preferences of this tool. Lightshot is also available for Macintosh OS (Mac), Linux (Ubuntu) and extension for Google Chrome as well. Google has many other add-ons for capturing screen shots but lightshot is one of the best easy to use tools for every computer user.

It has the feature to take screen shot from desktop, my computer, start, my documents even from control panel. It gives different customizing tools like text tool, coloring tool, arrow, rectangle, line, pencil, marker and undo level as well. This is easy to stretch the selection from outside to inside or from inside to outside. The other advanced features are upload to cloud, share with social media, save into computer, search similar images, take a direct printout or copy that selection into clipboard and paste it to anywhere such as MS Word, Paint, Photoshop or else.

Screenshot software

How to Use Lightshot:

  • Press PrtSc/PrtScr button from keyboard
  • Select the specific area which you want as image
  • Resize the selection into any direction (if required)
  • Add any effect like text, color, arrow or with pencil
  • Upload that image directly to cloud (if required)
  • Take print directly, copy to clip board or share to social media (if required)
  • Now save the image into computer hard drive
  • Find more help and tutorials here

how to use lightshot

Application Details

License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: PrntScr

Lightshot Screenshot Software Free Download

October 16, 2014

Hotspot Shield Offline 2015 Free Download

Hotspot Shield Offline 2015

AnchorFree Inc has released hotspot shield that is a free VPN service used to hide your original IP address and unblock the blocked websites in your country. Hotspot shield provides unlimited and direct access to locked/blocked websites. This is an ad-based version of hotspot shield and the ad-free pro version called as hotspot shield elite is available for purchase. The other professional features of this software are security, privacy and malware protection as well. Hotspot shield is available for 4 platforms such as Mac, Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows as well. The elite version has more features than the free version and it gives advertisement free faster browsing without any additional bandwidth limits.

It's not matter that which internet browser you used as default web browser but it requires only network connection where it creates a bridge between hotspot shield server and your PC. Basically after installation of this application in PC, it automatically install integrate files for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. However, you can use it with Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Opera web explorers. It shows a red icon when your computer is not encrypted and it shows a green light when your identity and data are safe. The light will be shown right at the taskbar alongwith date/time and volume icons. You can manually switch it to on (connect) or of (disconnect) by right clicking on its icon.


The big thing is that hotspot shield has more than 200 million users from all around the world. It's a big achievement of Anchorfree Inc and more important is that CNN, The New York Times, Fox News and Wall Street Journal recommend this application. However, it's possible to send an email to anyone without giving IP address and identity to sender. It'll hide the original internet protocol address of your connection and assign it a temporary unofficial address from other country or location. Visit any website without giving them your credential information like geographical information, internet service provider (ISP) information, device/PC information, browser, OS, date and time information as well.


Hotspot Shield VPN Features:

  • Freeware VPN service that'll save money
  • Security as much as you desires
  • Hide your identity from hackers and seekers
  • Secure your credential and geographical information
  • Stay away from malware, virus and spyware attacks
  • Multiple platforms: Android, Windows, iOS and Mac
  • Network protection from snoopers and spammers
  • No worry about important data files theft
  • Simple and easy to use configurations
  • Doesn't let the network to speed down
  • Light software that needs few clicks to install
  • Online security from theft, spam and ad-wares
  • Easy and quick access to blocked sites in your country
  • Open YouTube, Facebook and other sites from school/college lab
  • Brakes the network filtration and assigns a new IP address
  • 11 top international languages from worldwide
  • Less complicated with simple and easy configurations
  • Use it without restarting windows PC
  • Automatically start upon restarting of windows
  • Download unlimited videos and songs with enough data limits
  • Automatic data encryption on both sending and receiving sides
  • All Microsoft Windows OS friendly and needs 10 MB HDD space
  • Browse the world as anonymous user and never give tracks to anyone
  • Faster working than ultra surf, spotflux and hide IP as well

Application Details

Size: 7.68 MB
Version: 3.42
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: AnchorFree

Hotspot Shield Offline 2015 Free Download

October 15, 2014

Rounds Free Video Call & Message App

Rounds Free Video Call & Message App

Talking with friends, family and colleagues without losing money is most common task among all mobile users. Rounds APK is another free video calling and message sending mobile application for android and Apple iOS users. Social communication is now growing rapidly just because of new technologies like mobile internet speed, Wi-Fi, mobile phone models and some more. Rounds app is an official application that works with all android mobiles and tablets as well. After a huge list of social applications including Skype, Viber, Tango, Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Whatsapp and many more. Top sites including CNET, Mashable, Engadget, TechCrunch and Lifehacker make a review about Rounds apk app.

However, it's all about rounds which give audio/voice calling, video calling, sending text messages, send pictures, take snaps through camera and share smiles as well. You can even make a video call with High Definition video quality and task with multiple friends at same time. Rounds only need internet connection whatever it's like 3G, 4G, Data Connection, Wi-Fi or any other as well. It has some unique features like playing games or watching videos on YouTube too. The integrated games are Candy Crush Saga, Chess, Backgammon, Jungle Bungle, Tetris and more free games. Rounds also win some awards on giving unique and different features than other apps.

Rounds Android Application Features:

  • Log-in to Facebook and connect with friends immediately
  • Send invitation to Whatsapp, Facebook and other contacts easily
  • It identifies those contacts that has already join rounds
  • Start video conference on any android device
  • Send unlimited free text messages to your contacts
  • Make unlimited audio and video calls to your friends and family
  • Make free local and international calls to save money
  • Add different special effects on videos and snapshots
  • Fun is already here with drawing something on snapshots
  • Easily share images with your friends, coworkers or family
  • Listen high quality sounds like Viber
  • 4.2 app ratings at Google Play Store
  • Listen songs on YouTube while voice or video chat
  • Watch videos on YouTube while voice or video chat
  • Smoother, faster and safer than any other social app
  • Reviewed on most popular social communication sites
  • Thousands of downloads with hundreds of online community

Application Details

Size: 7.1 MB
Version: 3.1.2
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Rounds Entertainment Ltd

Rounds Free Video Call & Message APK App Download