Download iPhone PC Suite

iPhone PC Suite is free apple iPhone manager that allows to do management of different mobile functions like messages, applications, gallery data and other content of mobile. The default Apple's iPhone, iPod and iPad manager is iTunes which provides iCloud storage to its users. This feature will allows its consumers to backup your images, videos, messages, apps/games and other multimedia. However, iPhone PC Suite has latest features that will save the user's time and it gives direct access to mobile content. It's easy and simple than Apple iTunes so you can easily import and export multimedia content immediately.

I think iPhone is mostly used mobile in worldwide and after releasing of iPhone 6, it grows up and up every day. If you want to copy or move photos from PC to phone then you can't do this without any professional mobile phone manager. You even can't find any SMS, Applications, Games, Themes, Contacts, Widgets and other information about phone. There are many other mobile managers like

  1. Nokia PC Suite for Nokia (old version phones)
  2. Nokia Suite for Nokia (recent mobiles)
  3. Nokia OVI Suite for Nokia (latest phones)
  4. Samsung Kies (Samsung android phones)
  5. iTunes for Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  6. Qmobile PC Suite for Qmobile phones
  7. PC Suite for Sony Ericsson phones
  8. Zune for Microsoft Windows Phone (previously called Nokia Lumia)
  9. Blackberry desktop manager for Blackberry phones

iPhone PC Suite Features:

iPhone PC Suite installer for PC has multiple languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Persian and many others. However, you can delete additional language packs with going:
"My computer >> C Drive >> Program Files >> NetDragon >> 91 Mobile >> iPhone >> LangPack"
You can simply delete extra language packs from your computer easily. This will reduce the load on the software and reduce the used space on C:/ drive as well.

iPhone PC Suite For PC

The advance features of this little application are managing call logs, phone notes, contact information and more. iPhone PC Suite allows its users to create a full or customized backup and then later restore it at any time. It will never hangs your computer while data travelling with PC and mobile. I see many of users of Apple are worry about that how they copy songs, videos and pictures to phone from desktop or laptop.

I want to advise all of those users who are tired with using of iTunes and the basic iPhone connection manager to use iPhone PC Suite because it gives every new feature that you want. It has simple color scheme and easy to use friendly user interface so everyone can manage it without tutorials and help.

iPhone PC Suite For Windows

iPhone PC Suite Application Details:

Size: 40.25 MB
Version: 2.9.72
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Melete

Download iPhone PC Suite Full Version

Download iPhone PC Suite Full Version

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Dropbox Offline For PC

Dropbox is another cloud based free hosting service which provides free account registration to its users. Dropbox offline setup is now available for desktop as free download. Drop box is free cloud service is available for multiple platforms including Android, Apple iOS, Linux, Mac, Symbian, Blackberry and online website as well. The software is similar to Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive as well. The service was firstly introduced in 2008 for the first time and after sometime the developer features free space for file hosting.

Dropbox provides from 2 GB space to 10 GB to the free users of this service. However, the developer features more space up to 1 Tera Bytes (1000 GB) for business and financial consumers. The daily bandwidth limit is depending on the package and paid amount. However, you can upload 20 GB to 200 GB per day is pro accounts. It requires desktop version to upload big size files and you can't upload heavy files from website after signing up. You can access to your account from any platform like mobile, PC, Mac or web as well.

Dropbox PC Version

Dropbox for desktop allows more features than website uploading and downloading. However, your account will be accessed from anywhere, at anytime and from any platform after your permissions. The standard package doesn't allow you to use it for business purposes. If you're a webmaster than you can upload style sheets and JavaScript to your Dropbox account.

The PC version has support for all Microsoft OS versions from Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. It shows a drive in My Computer/Favorites where you can upload/download your personal photos, videos, music files, documents and more. There are millions of Apple iOS and Android users who were using it as their default cloud hosting. Apple iCloud is much better and faster cloud service but I don't think users are proffering Dropbox rather than iCloud.

Some users were hosting some pirated software/applications on their personal Dropbox account. I think it's against the terms and policies of Dropbox that you can't host business files to your personal account. So I suggest the bloggers to do not use with storing commercial and non commercial license files to your personal accounts.

Application Details

Size: 38.53
Version: 2.10.52
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Dropbox

Downlaod Dropbox Offline Setup For PC

Download Dropbox Offline Setup For PC

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Google Drive Offline Setup for PC

Google drive is advance cloud storage that provides up to 15 GB free storage on your Gmail account. Google Drive is now live as standalone offline installer for windows (PC). It provides uploading and downloading features that will synchronous data and files with your Gmail account. Microsoft has announced that they are going to release Microsoft OneDrive which provides 25 GB free space on Hotmail account. You can host documents, multimedia files and images as well. Cloud based hosting's are playing much better role for web developers especially for bloggers. Where the authors can upload and share JavaScript, Fonts and CSS style sheets as well.

Basically Google drive features for some small business and students to store their document files for meeting or class presentation. These files can be accessed from anywhere, at any time and with any supported devices. There are 3 ways to access your drive content like going to website "", install Google drive in PC or MAC and install this application into android or apple iPhone iOS to access your files immediately. You can create a new folder or document and then customize them with few clicks. The security is the main feature so no one can access to your files and folders without your permission.

Google Drive Online Web

Google provides bundle of free services which features many more perfect solutions to the user's community. The main services are Gmail, Google+, Code, Blogger, Earth, Adsense, Adwords, Picasa Web Albums, Maps, Web Master Tools, YouTube, Chrome, Analytics and many more. After all of the above, Google drive is one of my favorite service of developer which provides a simple and fast way to store important and personal documents, pictures, videos and other files. The space is as more as 15 GB is free for every Google account user and if you need more than you can upgrade the storage after paying its fees.

If you're a blogger user and want to host JavaScript (JS), font and style sheets on free hosting service than I recommend you this service. You just create a folder name with your website/blog name and add custom files to it. You've to change the view settings and custom it to view permission to everyone with sharing button. Now copy the link of the file and paste it to target position. Now it's done you've a free hosting service on your pocket.

Google Drive Web

Google provides more than 16 TB cloud space to the paid customers where you can store complete business backup to this cloud service. It will synchronous individual file with your account. Google chrome also syncs each extension, bookmark, passwords, autofill data and other things with your Gmail account as a backup. However Google drive will support all Microsoft OS including Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista as well. If you need help about "How to Install Google Drive on your PC" than visit this Google drive help page to get quick help and support.

Application Details

Size: 30.22 MB
Version: 1.3
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Google

Download Google Drive Offline Setup for PC

Download Google Drive Offline Setup for PC

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uTorrent 2015

uTorrent is advanced bitTorrent client that is used to download different kinds of file including software, games, movies, TV shows, books and music too. µTorrent provides client to client smart application which will works as bridge without any hosting or server. Basically it's a small and light weight application that is available for various platforms including Android, Windows, Linux and Mac. This is a free version of uTorrent but there is a pro version named uTorrent Pro that gives advanced features like no advertisement, no speed and download limits, magnet file link support, online video conversion, protection from viruses and spywares too.

uTorrent display screen

uTorrent automatically adds the .torrent file into this application and starts connecting to peers immediately. The downloading speed bases on the number of seeders who are the uploaders of that file. The leechers are those users or clients that use uTorrent to download the destination file. The developer added bundle of new features in the basic/standard version like full customization, speed and bandwidth limitations and more. You can set limit on upload and download speed and if you've more than 1 file in downloading queue than you can also add individual limitations to each file.

You can pause, play or stop the download with simple clicks on the target file. The web has lots of torrent related sites which are providing content for all platforms. However uTorrent is not only the client manager, Bittorrent is one of the big competitors that provides about same features to it. The configuration is easy and simple like other popular download managers including Internet Download Manager and Download Accelerator Plus as well.


uTorrent requires a fast broad band connection to complete the queue downloads immediately and if you don't have a fast internet connection than it takes a long time to complete torrent files to the finishing point. There is no load of uTorrent on windows explorer because its tiny and lightweight so it works in background without disturbing the user interface.

uTorrent Client Interface

Application Details

Size: 1.61 MB
Version: 3.4.2
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: utorrent

uTorrent 2015 Free Download

uTorrent 2015 Free Download Full Version

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Internet Download Manager 6.22 Latest Full Version

Downloading multimedia content like music, videos, programs, compressed archives and documents from the internet is popular problem facing millions of users. Internet download manager (IDM) is the only solution that provides "Download with IDM" button to download anything immediately. There are various other popular download managers like Download Accelerator Plus (DAP), Utorrent, Bittorrent and other free download managers as well. Internet speed may very depends on the internet speed so download manager will tries its best to grab the target file from the servers immediately.

Internet Download Manager is mostly used as default downloading manager which provides 5 percent more downloading speed than any of its competitors. You can download anything from internet like grab any extension file with just one single click. The newer version of IDM supports integration into latest internet browsers like:


  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Apple Safari 5
  3. Opera 16
  4. Google Chrome 38
  5. Mozilla Firefox 35
  6. Avant
  7. SeaMonkey

Internet download manager (IDM) supports all popular file extensions and you can add or remove from them with going Option >> File Types. The you can find various popular extensions like EXE, ZIP, RAR, MP4, FLV, 3GP, MP3, PDF, MPG, MOV, AVI, MPEG, BIN, ISO and many more.

idm file types

The developer increases number of downloading parts in this new version. The new value is 32 but the previous versions have 16 number of values used while downloading a file. This feature is available on all new versions of IDM.

download dialog box idm

It capture download links automatically and shows "Download this video" button at the top of video screen. This feature belongs to browser integration and if you want this feature so you should turn on advance browser integration feature.

idm download video button

If you want to download audio files than search your target file over the internet. After accessing to that file, you can play the file with clicking on play button. Internet download manager automatically grabs the file and shows "Download this audio" button above the file.

idm download audio button

Application Details

Size: 6.04 MB
Version: 6.21.15
License: Shareware
Price: $29.95
Platform: Windows
Developer: Tonec

Internet Download Manager 2015 Latest Full Version

Internet Download Manager 2015 Latest Full Version

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DirectX 12 Free Download

DirectX 12 is most recent version in Direct3D graphics API developed and released by Microsoft. DirectX is final version works perfectly with Intel, Nvidea, AMD, MSI and Qualcomm as well. Windows 10 is live now with bundle of new features that support all new games that were released in 2015 and next few years can be played in PC. This latest version will definitely works in all editions of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The technology grows day by day and the gaming developers were using different High Definition engines like Unreal Engine 3 for developing games for different platforms.

Microsoft has released this version in March 2014 especially for Windows 8 and Windows 10 but it may not work in Windows 7. This version will helps the new gamers of 2015 to play high definition graphics games in PC. This new version will reduce the size of graphics drivers and increase the loading ability of graphics. Microsoft announced to release Windows Ten that is the next version in Microsoft operating systems. This new OS is loaded with DirectX 12 and you don't need to download or install it to this OS. The best feature of this software is that it supports Fermi micro architecture from Nvidea, GCN chips from AMD and Haswell based latest chips from Intel.

DirectX 12 Features:

It also features best available graphics for 3D & Blu-Ray movies, 3D & 2D graphics, Direct & 3D sound and more one's. Intel claims that DirectX 12 works 50 to 70 percent better than DirectX 11 and DirectX 10 versions. It decreases the power consumption of 3D media especially in laptops and accelerates the graphics acceleration while playing games or 3D movies. DirectX 12 is higher level graphics driver solution for all graphic chipset companies including Nvidea, Intel, MSI (ATI) and AMD as well.

DirectX 12 Preview

Microsoft reduced the overhead and overclock speed of multi threading CPU's in this next generation graphics and 3D solution. It will optimize all windows based desktop and tower computers & laptops as maximum level. After the installation of this application, your computer response in full color 3D results whenever you play a movie or play a game on PC. The official version of this product will publish in mid of 2015 but as the pre release of windows 10 released by Microsoft and it includes in this OS. DirectX 12 is best for gaming laptops which are using to play latest action, shooting and fighting games.

Application Details

Size: 286 KB
Version: 12.0
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Microsoft

DirectX 12 Free Download Full Version

DirectX 12 Free Download Full Version

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Talking Tom Cat for Android

Talking tom cat is funny application like an entertaining game released by Outfit7 for android mobiles and tablets. Talking tom cat will respond upon touching screen and also it repeats all the voices of operator. You can poke the cat with touching its tail. It gives quick response upon your voice in cat sound. When you touch its neck then it will respond unique sound, touching face, its tail or anything else. The sounds are different and reactions of cat are also different from each and other step. You can even record your own sounds of cat in any duration and then share it to Facebook, YouTube or email as well.

Outfit7 has more versions including Talking Parrot, Talking Tom Cat 2, Talking Angela, Tom Messenger, Talking Tom & Ben, Tom Loves Angela, Talking Ginger, Talking Ginger 2, Tom's Love Letter, Talking Ben the Dog, Talking Santa meets Ginger, Talking Larry the Bird and Talking Gina the Giraffe as well. Touching the screen will respond you with special response like dance, angry behavior, sleeping, weeping, smiling and more. The special effects of the cat are having a glass of milk, moving stars on its head and more.

Talking Tom Cat Features:

  • Unlimited entertainment for children and elders
  • Different variables upon different actions
  • See milk and sleeping style to more fun
  • Touching neck, belly, feet or head to get some response from cat
  • Repeats the same keywords and sentences that you speak to it
  • More listening power than other talking apps
  • Putting its hand on its ear while listening just like a human power
  • Keep recording the fun and share it with your friends and family
  • Change the background location of cat
  • Change color and style of cat like cloths and more
  • Send recorded clips through email or upload it on YouTube

Application Details

Size: Varies on devices
Version: Varies on devices
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Outfit7

Download Talking Tom Cat for Android

Download Talking Tom Cat for Android

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