Download English to Urdu Dictionary For Android Mobile

English to Urdu Dictionary For Android Mobile

English to Urdu translation is now very important for all users of computer including the mobile users. Everyone wants to download English to Urdu dictionary in their Android/iPhone/Nokia mobile phone. There are tons of dictionaries are available online in every platform. After posting cleantouch English to Urdu and Urdu to English dictionary for computer users; we decided to now post dictionary for Android mobile phones. After getting the information about all dictionaries we decide to provide this dictionary to users for learning and education purpose. Every age of human being can be used this dictionary because it has no limits for child or any other. The biggest thing is that this dictionary is 100% completely free for personal or professional use. This dictionary was firstly registered in Android market on 11 March 2013 for the first time.

English to Urdu dictionary is listed under software-education categories so every user has direct access to it through proper channel. English to Urdu dictionary is small, light weight, fast and intelligent e-book that includes up to 36,000 words. All these number of words has separated meaning for each word. There are thousands of dictionaries are available in iOS and Android market for both iPhone and Samsung phones. But they all are not free. They are available in some restrictions or trail period or have specific feature limits. You have to purchase those dictionaries at very high price to open all the features immediately. Merriam Webster Dictionary is also available for Android users.

Free of Cost:

English to Urdu dictionary is available for free download as full version. Many dictionaries have expensive price to buy before use them as full version. The English to Urdu dictionary is free of cost and does not requires any registration or price for buying it. It will works for you without any cost.

Save Time:

English to Urdu dictionary for Android mobiles have unlimited keywords that are easily accessible. The quick response from this little and smart application will save user time. This will helps you to quickly find any meaning of any keyword immediately. The dictionary book will take your valuable time to find keyword and then find its meaning.

Save Money:

Freeware and open source license applications & software gives saving opportunity for money. According to its developer this dictionary is freeware license and does not require any registration or payment. All the copies of this app are full version and available for free download after signing in to Google Play.

Audio Pronunciation:

Audio pronunciation is very powerful feature now days. The students and business users require keyword pronunciation for some keywords to speak them accurately. So this feature is also included in this dictionary to produce exact pronunciation to students of any class. You just select any English word and then select speaker icon to listen the recording. The playback speed of voice can be controlled to play fast or slow.

Search Options:

The searching of keyword is simple, easy and fast way to find exact keywords and meanings. English to Urdu dictionary has advance search options with providing the features of search word with starting, search word with ending and search keyword containing the word exactly.

Work Offline:

There are various applications are available on the Play Store to download them in your mobile directly. Some of them are working offline and some of them needs internet connection before running them. Urdu to English dictionary is one of the best translation packages that provide the offline word. So this will never requires any internet or network connection for any feature used in this little e-book.


Urdu to English dictionary wins many awards and reviews from popular service/sites. The gives 4 stars, Google Play Store gives 4.4 star and Apple iTunes store gives it 4+ star rating. This will proves that this dictionary has best and powerful features than any other competitors.


There are various platforms are available that provides this powerful English to Urdu translation on mobile phones. There are:

  • Google PlayStore
  • Apple iTunes
  • Amazon Kindle Fire

Application Details

Size: 1.2 MB
Version: 2.5
License: Free
Developer: Apple Android Software

English to Urdu Dictionary For Android Mobile


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