Samsung Kies 3 Free Download

Samsung Kies Free Download

Samsung Kies software was released as free download for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and MAC. Samsung Kies is simple way to connect your Samsung Galaxy and other series phones to your PC and MAC. Samsung Kies supports all mobile phones of Samsung. Samsung Kies allows you to connect your Samsung mobile with your personal computer, laptop or notebook. You can also use Samsung Kies in your MAC device to connect your mobile with Macintosh device. Samsung Kies allows you to sync data between computer and mobile phone. Samsung Kies allows you to transfer music, contacts, videos, pictures, messages and many other library files from your phone or tablet instantly.

Samsung Kies supports smart phone, galaxy note II, galaxy S4, S3, galaxy note III, smartphone, smart tablet and many more Android phones. Samsung Kies can easily make backup of your entire library. It can make sync through Wi-Fi connection. Samsung Kies is simple and fast mobile software allows connecting your Samsung mobile with PC or MAC device. It creates a bridge connection between your computer and mobile phone. It can also connect you mobile phone through USB cable. Samsung Kies allows you to keep your mobile phone update to date with software, gadgets and applications. It works like Nokia PC Suite.

Data Synchronous:

Samsung Kies allows data sync from your PC to mobile. This will shows all the content of mobile phones such as messages, contacts, apps and mobile version status information on your PC desktop. You can easily know all the info about your mobile right from your desktop.

Data Backup:

Samsung Kies provides you additional feature for data copying from your mobile to PC instantly. Samsung Kies provides you backup of contacts of SIM and mobile phone, messages, settings, applications, gallery content and many others.

Data Transfer:

Samsung Kies can easily move or copy data from your compute to mobile phone quickly. Samsung Kies has the ability to quickly copy or move data between computer and mobile phone without any external installment.

Multimedia Management:

Samsung Kies allows your computer to manage all multimedia audio and video files into your mobile phone gallery. It can easily manage, organize and edit the files & folders like a file manager. You can do everything just like Apple iTunes for iPhone.

Update Firmware:

Samsung Kies has internal software update checker that allows you to update your mobile phone firmware to latest one. This will automatically checks the server for any additional update and automatically notified by the user after opening Kies.

Download Apps:

Samsung Kies allows you to download applications, gadgets for your screen, themes, wallpapers, videos, games and many more content easily. It requires a connection with your mobile phone from your Samsung Kies through Wi-Fi or USB cable and start downloading immediately. Zune software also gives you this feature for downloading apps.


Samsung Kies is multilingual software available for free download in many popular languages from all over the world. These languages are French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and many more. You can easily change your Samsung Kies software language from Tools > Preferences > Languages menu.

Multiple Platforms:

Samsung Kies software is available in multiple platforms that are Windows and Macintosh. Samsung Kies will works fine on both platforms and you can easily organize, mange or handle your mobile phone from Windows PC or MAC device.

Connect Wirelessly:

Samsung Kies allows you to connect your mobile phone through USB cable and Wi-Fi connection also. Wi-Fi connection does not require any USB cable because it connects to your mobile phone wirelessly. So it's easy handle your mobile phone through a wirelessly connection.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Application Details

Size: 38 MB
Version: 3
License: Freeware
Developer: Samsung

Samsung Kies Free Download


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