Google Chrome Free Download (Offline)

Google Chrome Free Download Full Version (Offline/Stable/Installer)

Google finally release Google Chrome version in offline standalone installer package for Windows platform. Google chrome supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Xp as well. Google chrome also released for other platforms such as Linux, MAC, Android and tablet. Google chrome is fast, simple, easy to use and user supported interface internet or web browser. Google chrome has various integrated features that are not included in any other web browser. Google chrome gives you an opportunity to browse your web experience in a good manner. Google chrome is the most popular internet browser among its competitors. All the popular features are included automatically in Google chrome after a successful update release.

Google chrome is fully customizable web browser that integrates every required feature into it. Google chrome also releases both online and offline installer modes, so every user can easily install Google chrome on every supported machine. Every site can easily visit with Google chrome with a high speed. Loading, refreshing, downloading and other basic features are just amazing. You may have other web browsers installed into your computer. If you don't have Google chrome in your personal computer, laptop or notebook than try it today and get its features.

Internal Language Detector:

Google chrome has integrated website language detector. If a website is open and has an the language that you don't know, So Google chrome will shows Google translator at the top of page. This translator shows the detected language automatically and asks you to convert this page into your own default language.


Google chrome has various developers that are working on regular basis. These developers are working also on the extensions of Google chrome. Google chrome release its extension for advanced users to use these extensions for development, professional, business or web SEO purposes. There are millions of extensions are ready to include in your Google chrome.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

All the functions are easily handle with your keyboard shortcuts. Google chrome supports integrated shortcuts for cut, copy, paste, select all, new window, new tab, save, find, print, zoom in & zoom out, save as, history, downloads and much more.


Google chrome allows you to easily bookmark any website, blog, forum or any other web page. These bookmarks are automatically listed below the address bar and show an icon of those pages. This icon is called favicon picture. You can easily visit to these bookmark pages without typing the whole address in the address bar.

CSS3 and HTML5 Support:

Google chrome has support for recently released web technologies such as CSS3 and HTML5. There are various sites that are developed in these latest technologies. Google chrome supports both these web technologies to open and load any website and do your routine job.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iOS
  • MAC
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS


Google chrome has released thousands of themes in its store. All the themes are ready to download and apply to your Google chrome with free of cost. Google chrome gives you tons of themes for free without charging any charges from you.


Google chrome provides you security, privacy and safe browsing. It automatically detects malicious and suspicious threats. Google chrome automatically blocks those pages that are infected with viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, addware and maleware.


Google chrome provides you an extremely high browsing speed. It has integrated technologies that load any heavy site in seconds. Automatic adjusting the faulty areas of a website is the best feature of Google chrome. The performance of Google chrome is highly increased during the recent versions. It loads sites faster than Internet Explorer 10, Apple Safari 5.1.7Opera 16, Mozilla 24 and Internet Explorer 9.

Direct Search:

Google chrome provides you Omni search that features to search anything directly on Google search without opening Google home page and search on it. This feature will save your time with showing search results immediately.

Automatic Update:

Google chrome has automatic update feature that works in background and update to your Google chrome web browser without any disturbance. It keeps working in background and check regularly for any new release update. After releasing any recent update, it downloads that updates into your computer without notifying you.

Application Details

Size: 44 MB
Version: 61+
License: Freeware
Developer: Google

Google Chrome Free Download Full Version (Offline/Stable/Installer)


  1. shafqat naeemi  

    January 20, 2014

    thank you for develping of this website

  2. Unknown  

    November 07, 2015

    this is NOT Version 31, as the link points to google! there you are forced to the last version. you should delte this page!

  3. Muhammad Nouman Khalid  

    November 08, 2015

    @Blue Stacks (Unknown): We're here to share latest version because downloading links're checked on regular basis. So our team updated the previous versions to latest one. However, Google Chrome should update its versions to latest whenever it will be connected to network... So keep calm and keep visiting us

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