Free Download iTunes for Windows

Free Download iTunes for Windows (32-bit + 64-bit)

Apple iTunes is a free application used to organize the content of iPhone, iPod and iPad. iTunes is available for free download for windows including 32-bit and 64-bit environments. iTunes is also available for MAC users to organize their removable devices with iTunes for MAC. iTunes is the best multimedia player, playlist organizer, apps manager, music library, TV shows and movie gallery to play multimedia content easily. iTunes has the ability to play all types of audio and video multimedia files with perfect encoding speed. iTunes can sync all the content between iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV with your windows PC or MAC device.

iTunes is simple and fast application that quickly synchronous the data between iOS to windows PC or MAC device. iTunes supports all operating system launches of Microsoft including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. iTunes allows you to make your favorite music play list and add your favorite music collection to the list. iTunes is easy to use software because it has simple user enhanced graphics so user can easily operate the functions and features of iTunes. iTunes is the most popular release of Apple that has previously released Apple Safari web browser for Windows. iTunes gives you the access to latest released music and video albums, radio stations, movies and most popular applications of iOS.

iTunes Radio:

iTunes has its integrated radio podcasts used to listed online music and live programs through channels. iTunes provides you the unlimited radio channels through iTunes radio. You can easily change channel or customize the volume of music. The tracks are live on 24/7. There are hundreds of streaming channels are live 24 hours a day. These will plays latest collection of music every time. It lest you to create your favorite channels and save them easily. All these channels are under My Stations in iTunes \radio.

iTunes Store:

iTunes store is the world's best and most popular store that includes unlimited apps, music collection, recent albums, TV shows and Movies. You can easily create an account on iTunes and get direct access to iTunes Store with simple and easy steps. iTunes gives you all these collection to download that are free and purchase that are not free.

iTunes Player:

iTunes player brought all the music, movies, TV shows and videos collection at one place. This is called iTunes music player. It gives you feature to import music, movies and TV shows collection into iTunes music player from CD/DVD or Blu-Ray discs. iTunes music player is fully customizable because you can save, create, edit or delete anything from your favorite playlists. All the music albums and other multimedia collection were showed under the music player of iTunes.


iTunes provides an intelligent feature that gives you the direct access to those music albums, applications, movies and TV shows directly from your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV. You can purchase anything from iTunes store and after purchase it will saves automatically into your device through iCloud. iCloud remembers the position of where you left the playing of podcasts and audio music or watching an movie. Later it remembers the position of playing your favorite album; it provides you to continue playing feature from where you left the playing.

Supported Devices:

iTunes supports all the devices released from Apple. iTunes can easily connect to your device and sync everything between PC/MAC and Apple device. These devices are genuine products of Apple that are very famous around the world. These Apple devices are:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Apple TV

iTunes Movies:

iTunes has includes a wide range of movies collection from romance, action, horror, thriller, funny and other categories movies in iTunes movies store. You can easily download HD movies up to 1080P wide screen after purchasing. These are up to 65000 movies are in the list of Apple iTunes.

Music Library:

iTunes has a wide range of music collection from all over the world. The music collection includes all the recent and older releases of albums in iTunes store. After downloading or purchasing the music content the content will automatically add in iTunes music library. The music library is fully customizable and personalized. You can create your favorite playlist and add the desired music collection into playlist. You can also organize the playlist with adding, deleting, moving up or down and other features with iTunes music library.

Data Sync:

iTunes can sync data to PC or MAC device from your iPhone, iPod or iPad device easily. iTunes can import the music, movies, apps and other collection from your device. You can also copy data from personal computer or Macintosh device to your Apple device easily.

Application Details

Version: 12.7
License: Freeware
Developer: Apple

iTunes 12 (32-bit)

Size: 91 MB

Free Download iTunes for Windows (32-bit)

iTunes 12 (64-bit)

Size: 92 MB

Free Download iTunes for Windows (64-bit)


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