Temple Run PC Game Free Download

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 Temple Run PC Game Free Download

Temple Run now released for PC for free download. Temple run for Nokia, Temple run for Android, Temple run for iOS and now Temple run for PC. Temple Run is completely free for download and install it into your computer. Temple run is released from imangi studios that is the developer of Temple run. Temple run is now most popular game among its competitors. Now temple run is available for PC to play Temple run in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Temple run has over 50 million worldwide players.

Temple run for PC originally costs by 4.99 dollars only but you can download from here completely for free. You can easily download temple run for PC and install it in to your computer. There is no more higher requirements for PC to play. Just you have DirectX install into your Windows including with Microsoft .NET framework for windows. You can earn more score while getting coins and bonuses to beat your friends. There are 100 million downloads from all over the world. Temple run 2 for android and Subway surfers APK are also available as free download.

How to Play:

The arrow keys are used to play temple run game from keyboard. Use right and left arrow to move your player right and left immediately. If you want jump you can do it while pressing up arrow button from keyboard. The slide function will be taken with pressing down arrow button from the keyboard.

Game Objectives:

Temple run is a cool running game. Your player collects coins, bonuses, take jumps from hurdles, get slides from the trees and take long jumps to stay in the game. Your main objective is to run as faster as possible and get maximum coins and bonuses that are ready for you in your way.


You lost the cursed idol from the temple and now you are going to run away from evil demon monkeys. You must stay away from these monkeys that are hungry for your life. In your mobile phone swipe touch to turn left and right, swipe up touch to take jump and slide down to avoid from obstacles in the way.

Application Details

License: Freeware

 Temple Run PC Game Free Download

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Kishore Bhagya on 10/28/2013 said...

I’ve always enjoyed playing this game on my android phone and I would usually play it whenever I am on the train from home to work and back. The problem I had with this game was that the screen of a mobile phone is so small and the graphics movement on the screen is so fast that there are times you make the wrong gestures. Now, with the PC version, I am sure it is much easier to see what’s up ahead.

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