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Skype Free Download Full Version

  • on 2/28/2012
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  • Skype Free Download Full Version
    Skype Messenger is a free video and voice calling software that is used to communicate in any time with friends, colleagues, family members from Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux and TV. Skype allows to call to world wide mobile numbers and also land line numbers in very cheap rates. Skype allows the user to call Skype to Skype to chat with friends, family and colleagues.

    Skype provides its user to send instant messaging to others with emotions and smilies. Skype allows to upload and send files to others so you can easily send photos to your friends and family. Skype also provides group video calling so the user attach each other while calling through Skype. Conference call is the popular feature of Skype messenger. Skype is much popular in the world of messengers and Skype also lead the market with Yahoo, MSN Live messenger and Facebook messenger.

    Recommended Voice and Video Messengers:

    Skype messenger allows you to send smilies and emotions to your friends and family. Add contact is used to adding your family and friends in your Skype messenger list. Skype automatically adds the person who accept after receiving of your request.

    Skype Free Download Full Version

    Application Details:

    Version: 6.10
    Size: 924 KB.
    License: Free

    Skype Free Download Full Version

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