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Microsoft has released windows 10 free download build 10130 with bootable ISO image file for both 32 bit and 64 bit as well. Windows 10 is latest operating system which enhanced everything which user demands.

Windows 10 Build 10130 ISO Overview:

Every computer user is talking about windows 10 a new operating system that was launched this year after windows 8. Microsoft has recently released its build 10130 version alongwith some improvements and features too. The official version will be released soon because this new OS is not available for purchase on Microsoft Stores. However, the official 60 to 90 days preview ISO package for both 32 and 64 bit is available for free download. Windows 10 is rich feature latest operating system which was designed by redesigning Windows 8. Windows XP and Windows 7 are mostly used operating systems in the history of Microsoft. It definitely gives more profit than Windows Vista, Windows Longhorn, Windows Server and Windows 2000 as well.

As the history shows Microsoft had announced about this operating system in April 2014 that they've plane to design a new OS. This news shocked every computer user because user's doesn't like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 just because of removing start menu button and something else. However, Windows 7 is most successful operating system in the history of Microsoft but the developers think that Windows 10 will take place of windows 7 very soon.

Windows 10 Bootable 32-bit/64-bit Features:

Windows 10 is the mixed version of both windows 7 and windows 8 because it returns Start Button and more. Microsoft added some unique features that can't be find in any previous version of windows or even in Mac OS as well.

  • Tabbing in Windows Explorer: Windows Explorer is the default explorer which gives a route to access files and folders. Microsoft gives tabbed feature inside Explorer just similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer.
  • One Click Driver Updates: Microsoft is going to give an extra professional feature with giving all types of drivers inside windows update. Now you can update outdated drivers and download / install required/missing drivers through one stop shop for all drivers.
  • Aero Themed Folders: The coloring and designing of windows 10 is just awesome because the developers has added different logos into Hard Disk partitions, CD/DVD drives, Picture and Video based folders.
  • Persian Calendar: Microsoft has added a new version of calendar which will help the people of Persia to find their heritage based happy days. This feature is called Persian Calendar that was added upon 1200+ votes.
  • Free to Move from Previous Versions: Microsoft knows their consumer desires so they finally decided that its easy and simple to move from Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10. Upgrading to this OS is very simple from Windows 7 or Windows 8 only.
  • Pin Anything to Start: If you likes a file (audio song, video movie, picture etc.) that was located inside primary hard drive. You don't need to go again and again into that folder, you just pin that file into Start Menu so you can access right from desktop.
  • Volume Mixer: Microsoft finally added an advanced volume controller that's called volume mixer. It gives complete details of volume based applications as well as system sounds. It shows both Mic and Speaker details on desktop.
  • Pin Apps to Virtual Desktop: Virtual Desktop is latest feature of windows 10 where Microsoft gives accessibility to its consumers. So the users can simply add different applications with drag and drop utility.

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Windows 10 Free Download ISO 32-bit Details:

Size: 2.84 GB
Version: 10.10130
License: Free Trial
Price: None
Platform: Windows
Developer: Microsoft

Windows 10 Free Download ISO 32-bit Details

Windows 10 Free Download ISO 64-bit Details:

Size: 3.70 GB
Version: 10.10130
License: Free Trial
Price: None
Platform: Windows
Developer: Microsoft

Windows 10 Free Download ISO 64-bit Details


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