USB Safely Remove Free Download

USB Safely Remove

USB Safely Remove Free Download with direct setup to offline standalone file. USB safely remove is easy and convenient software to handle removable devices that are attached with computer.

USB Safely Remove Overview:

Many times the users face loss of important data or information due to corrupting of removable devices. Sometimes we get the device back in working after formatting the USB flash drive or memory card as well. Whenever the device loss its data, the user thinks it was happen because of virus or threats. The research says that sometimes the removable devices will corrupt the device duo to unsafe removal of device from computer. However safely remove has developed this light software utility to safely remove memory cards and USB drives from computer without losing data and information. External hard drives will also lost important data because of inappropriate removal of external hard drives.

USB Safely Remove Preview

USB Safely Remove Features:

The removable device is now supporting Windows 8 with latest version integration. It shows menu with all options to remove any specific device from your computer. The safely removal of USB drives didn't harm the database as well as hardware manufactured database. However here is the list of features:
  • Safely remove any unwanted USB device with one click
  • It shows list of all removable devices with exact name
  • Keyboard shortcuts for faster working
  • Organize drives with changing and managing drive letters
  • Secure your personal data and information
  • Tray icon shows important notification about removable media
  • Manage autorun and device properties based advance features
  • Control removable devices through Windows Command (cmd.exe)
  • All removable media supported e.g. memory card, Sata Hard drives, external drives
  • Eject removable media from computer rather than removing the hardware device

USB Safely Removal Software

USB Safely Remove Free Download Details:

Size: 5.45 MB
Version: 6.0.8
License: 30 days Trial
Price: None
Platform: Windows
Developer: SafelyRemove

USB Safely Remove Free Download