Urdu InPage 2015 Free Download

Urdu Inpage 2015

Urdu Inpage 2015 free download is the latest Urdu, Pushto, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, Kurdish and Hindi writing software. Urdu Inpage 2015 has lots of new features e.g. formatting, stylizing, coloring and printing as well. Urdu and other relevant languages are growing each day and they required some proper software to compose data. The composing data may include Newspapers, Books, Digests, Profiles, Cheat sheets, Applications and other informative database. Inpage is one of the best Urdu writing software which is currently used in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States and some other countries in Europe.

Urdu Inpage 2015 Overview:

Phonetic is mostly used Urdu keyboard style which is also integrate in Urdu Inpage. People always talking about "How to write Urdu" so I want to give some tips to write Urdu in your computer. If you've Inpage installed in your computer than no need of any external strategy. If you doesn't have any version of Inpage than you can download "Phonetic" file and install it in your PC. After installing it, you have to customize language settings from Control Panel to set a shortcut key for writing both English and Urdu languages in Microsoft Word. Inpage would works on all versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

How to Write Urdu in Google Translator:

The 3rd is a simplest way that surely save your time and it doesn't requires any Phonetic or Urdu Inpage in PC. You can simply open "Google Translator" and follow the method mentioned below in this Picture. After writing your text you can copy from Urdu to English Translator and paste it to Word or any other supported software.


Urdu Inpage 2015 Features:

The Inpage 2015 is full version that allows every thing customizable and adjustable. The keyboard shortcuts are same like in Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Google Chrome and other popular software. the commands are same like Copy, Cut, Paste, Print, Open and others just like in Inpage 2009 and Inpage 2013. The stylizing features were improved where new "Symbols" were added for the first time to make your text attractive and beautiful. The printing preferences were also be customizable so you can adjust paper size to your printer friendly paper. A big thing is that the developer has added different Noori and Nastaliq fonts that are almost more than 20 fonts.

Urdu Inpage 2015 Free Download Details:

Size: N.A
Version: 2015
License: Commercial
Price: 200$
Platform: Windows
Developer: Inpage
Note: After receiving DMCA, we are going to remove download file. Go download button and purchase full version

Urdu Inpage 2015 Download

24 Responses to "Urdu InPage 2015 Free Download"

  1. Very amazing and very nice

  2. this is very good software to use

  3. can i convert any thing ms word to inpage? if yes guid me details

  4. @tanweer ahmad:
    you can't do this but you can import text from inpage to MS office :D

  5. i want to uninstall inpage. Anybody can help me..?
    when i uninstall they said the file is in use can not delete...

  6. @Farhan:

    Windows 7/8 users: Control Panel\Programs and Features > Locate Inpage, Right Click on it, Just select Uninstall
    Windows XP users: Control Panel\Add,Remove Programs > Locate Inpage, Right Click on it, Just select Uninstall

  7. didn't uninstall... they give msg the file is in use and cannot uninstall and then stop the procedure..

  8. Just Delete the complete folder from )C:\Program Files) or any other root, then install a newer or different version..

  9. thanks and jzak ALLAH,

  10. Thank you very much for sharing this application. There are also other websites offering to download but they don't have this application at back end and they are working only for Ads. But here I am downloading the file. I hope it will work also.

  11. Farhan Umer place your mouse cursor on start menu bar and right click. then click on start taskbar and open it. select all users and see where is inpage files in the list. click on all opened inpage files and select end process. after this close taskbar menu and open control panel and select programs and features. click on inpage and uninstall it.


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