DirectX 12 Free Download Full Version

DirectX 12 Free Download

DirectX 12 is most recent version in Direct3D graphics API developed and released by Microsoft. DirectX is final version works perfectly with Intel, Nvidea, AMD, MSI and Qualcomm as well. Windows 10 is live now with bundle of new features that support all new games that were released in 2015 and next few years can be played in PC. This latest version will definitely works in all editions of Windows 8 and Windows 10. The technology grows day by day and the gaming developers were using different High Definition engines like Unreal Engine 3 for developing games for different platforms.

Microsoft has released this version in March 2014 especially for Windows 8 and Windows 10 but it may not work in Windows 7. This version will helps the new gamers of 2015 to play high definition graphics games in PC. This new version will reduce the size of graphics drivers and increase the loading ability of graphics. Microsoft announced to release Windows Ten that is the next version in Microsoft operating systems. This new OS is loaded with DirectX 12 and you don't need to download or install it to this OS. The best feature of this software is that it supports Fermi micro architecture from Nvidea, GCN chips from AMD and Haswell based latest chips from Intel.

DirectX 12 Features:

It also features best available graphics for 3D & Blu-Ray movies, 3D & 2D graphics, Direct & 3D sound and more one's. Intel claims that DirectX 12 works 50 to 70 percent better than DirectX 11 and DirectX 10 versions. It decreases the power consumption of 3D media especially in laptops and accelerates the graphics acceleration while playing games or 3D movies. DirectX 12 is higher level graphics driver solution for all graphic chipset companies including Nvidea, Intel, MSI (ATI) and AMD as well.

DirectX 12 Preview

Microsoft reduced the overhead and overclock speed of multi threading CPU's in this next generation graphics and 3D solution. It will optimize all windows based desktop and tower computers & laptops as maximum level. After the installation of this application, your computer response in full color 3D results whenever you play a movie or play a game on PC. The official version of this product will publish in mid of 2015 but as the pre release of windows 10 released by Microsoft and it includes in this OS. DirectX 12 is best for gaming laptops which are using to play latest action, shooting and fighting games.

Application Details

Size: 286 KB
Version: 12
License: Freeware
Price: Free
Platform: Windows
Developer: Microsoft

DirectX 12 Free Download Full Version


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