Autodesk 3Ds Max Free Download

Autodesk 3Ds Max Free Download

This is another popular product of Autodesk right after posting of 3Ds Maya which is mostly used in business. Now Autodesk 3Ds Max is live that allows designing, mapping, planning and printing with texture, camera, mirror, light and shading features. Max is too close to Maya but most of features are different then each other. 3D Max includes the feature to import any map (.dwg) file from Autodesk AutoCAD. After import that file just build your personal house, apartments, commercial plots, shopping malls or anything else. I think that creating or building a new architectural plan in 3D max is more difficult and time wasting then importing a file directly from AutoCAD.

However there are many of other features like adding texture content including grass, main gates, bricks, grills, wooden doors, concrete, ceiling, stairs, paintings, human bodies, vehicles, lights, metals, natural beauties, skies, roofing, roads, water, windows, wooden floors, wrinkles, walls, ventilators, stones, piles and more. It will help the designer to design an internal room with adding bookcase, air conditions, chairs, tables, flowerpot, sun shining effects, lights and globs, beds, fans, circuit shows, wrinkles, LCD's, carpet, telephone, glass, mirror, sofa sets and many more. There is a big list of textures but these are few of them, you can find more textures through searching on internet.

Autodesk 3D max gives extremely easy toolset for designing kitchen, bed room, drawing-dinning and especially bathrooms. The lights and camera views will keeps the image natural and it'll never looks like a cartoonist thing. The size, color, dimension and accuracy are the pro features of this software. Vertex to vertex working is much easier because there are some points will be automatically created which will help the designers to draw characters at specific positions. I've worked o this software about 3 years ago and I've design many personal projects so it's time to share these projects with my visitors.








Autodesk 3D Max Software Features:

  • Easy and faster rendering with smart tools
  • Keyboard shortcut commands alongwith direct access from menu and toolbar
  • Revised and improved user friendly graphics interface
  • Create 3D plans and movie clips easily for any target field
  • Very useful software for Architect and civil engineers
  • Design 3D movies especially advertisement clips likely to Adobe Flash
  • Create high quality 3D images and render them with custom settings
  • Add custom cameras to capture the target file from any view (top, front, rear, side or internal)
  • Add custom lights to give the content 3D lights and shading effects
  • Import texture from internal or external galleries
  • Add target objects like trees, vehicles, followers and other texture to give natural shape
  • Unlimited texture and material galleries with 3D Max setup (DVD)
  • Add custom text with 3D effects with real colors
  • Create custom 3D movie clips with custom duration, animation and special effects
  • Design big shopping malls, factories, housing societies and commercial plotting as well
  • Customize videos with extremely easy tools likely Window Movie Maker / Power Director
  • Add any picture into map layout and set it dimension and size to target location
  • Give individual coloring effects to any target objects for professional designing
  • Design swimming pools, bed rooms, drawing rooms, public parks or play grounds
  • Add custom blocks, balls, pipes, lines or anything you deserve
  • Insert human bodies, plants, cars, motor bikes and other content to make your work original
  • Custom animation allows the designer to create TV commercials, 3D movies and games too
  • Everything is possible in target file from land to heaven with this 3D application

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Application Details

Size: N.A
Version: 2018
License: Free trial
Price: $3,675/-
Platform: Windows
Developer: Autodesk

Autodesk 3Ds Max Free Download