Connectify Hotspot PRO Free Download

Connectify Hotspot PRO Free Download

Connectify hotspot professional is powerful Wi-Fi based application that will turn your computer into WiFi hotspot. Hotspot pro will share wireless signals with other WiFi based devices like mobile phone, tablet, laptop and other devices as well. It can even connect multiple devices to internet through wireless signal channel. It has the ability to create hotspot based access point so the other devices will easily connect with this email after security approval. You may call connectify hotspot as a repeater device that will boost the internet wireless signals immediately. It expands the signals of your home router and gives instant access to internet without having wires.

Connectify hotspot standard (freeware) and connectify hotspot professional (pro) has many differences in working, customization and features as well. The free version will provide fewer features to the users so we recommend you to purchase pro version from the developer website. The usability is simple and easy than any other hotspot software. You only require entering the Wi-Fi name and password and then click start hotspot button. After one time use, the device will never ask you to enter credential details again. The main feature of this software is to convert your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot so other friends, family members and coworkers will connect their Wi-Fi devices with this hotspot access point.

Connectify Hotspot Pro Features:

  • Save money and use one connection for all of your devices
  • One access point for mobile, laptop and tablet devices
  • Receive internet from Wi-Fi router and share it through hotspot channel
  • Get all the details of connected devices at your PC
  • Customize the LAN and firewall permission for each single device
  • Set security settings for each device or set to all
  • Customize the name and password of hotspot at any time
  • Connect multiple devices with single connection to stay avoid from to pay for each device
  • Connect through 3G or 4G connection and share it as Wi-Fi
  • Increase the range of Wi-Fi signals and boosts the speed
  • Easy to install and simple to use and configure
  • Connect and enjoy hotspot connection in 24/7
  • Set desired hotspot Wi-Fi connection name and also change it anytime
  • Extended mode allows to expand the signals more and more
  • Save your business from paying higher charges with getting 1 connection & share it with all
  • Limit less because no speed limits and no client limits
  • Convert your windows PC into Wi-Fi based virtual router
  • Connect your coffee shop, restaurant or any other organization at single platform
  • Compatible with all of latest Microsoft windows and even MAC devices as well
  • Encryption supports AES and WPA2 as well
  • Receive regular software updates with special help and support for premium users

Connectify Hotspot Pro Application Details

Size: 12.5 MB
Version: 2018
License: Demo
Platform: Windows
Developer: Connectify

Connectify Hotspot PRO Free Download Full Version


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