Notepad++ Free Download

Notepad++ Free Download (Windows)

Notepad ++ is free source code editor enhanced with several popular programming languages. Notepad plus free download is fully compatible with all OS of Microsoft windows. Notepad ++ supports both 32-bit and 64-bit windows environments. Notepad ++ is simple, fast and easy to use utility that has user friendly graphics interface. Notepad ++ is the best alternative of Microsoft windows notepad. The simplicity and perfection of Notepad ++ makes it more popular day by day. Notepad ++ is open source application that is fully compatible with other popular programming languages and programming editors as well. It supports all ASCII characters with addition of special characters as well.

Notepad ++ provides advanced and simple writing and editing tools then MS windows default notepad editor. Notepad ++ is especially released for advanced programming and windows users that are using programming languages for business and education purposes. Notepad ++ 6.5.3 is advanced version with redesigned and revised features. It has ability to provide direct editing features with an matched programming languages. Notepad ++ has different advanced modes for advanced editing. The advanced and quick responsive tools provide the user more ease and access to the source of file. You can even save, save as and take prints of your personal editing plans directly without wasting your time.

Simple and Easier:

Notepad plus is most simple and easy to use light weight programming source editor that has user friendly graphics interface. There are lots of other programming source editors such as Adobe DreamWeaver, Microsoft office FrontPage, Microsoft windows wordpad, Microsoft windows notepad and many others. Notepad++ is light weight, smart and intelligent utility tool works perfectly like professional development software.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows:

Notepad++ is fully compatible with all operating systems of Microsoft windows. Notepad++ has user friendly graphics interface with addition of windows compatibility as well. It supports all old and newer versions of Microsoft windows such as Windows NT, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and even windows 8.1 as well.

Advanced Editing Tools:

The advanced and professional tools of Notepad++ allows the user to complete any required task in less time without wasting valuable time on other heavy and complex editors. The coloring, shortcut keys, menu and tool bar, customizable interface, customizable preferences, multiple tab view, multiple files editing, help and support, automatic updates, version updates and lots of other features are available without any cost.


Notepad++ is multiple languages supported software that is available in many popular languages from all around the world. Notepad++ provides multiple language support to user Notepad++ (plus) software in user's local language. These languages may include English, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew and lots of more.

Multi Tabbed View:

Notepad++ provides multiple tabbed working just like Microsoft office word, excel, MS office power point and others. Notepad++ has multi tabbed working to create, edit, manage, organize and compare multiple files at same time. This feature is not available in many other development utility tools. Notepad++ makes your working faster and even faster than its competitors.

Application Details

Size: 2.75 MB
Version: 7.5
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Notepad ++

Notepad++ Free Download (Windows)


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