Download Microsoft Office for MAC (Update)

Download Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft released office for Mac users to install and keep their office working on Macintosh device. Microsoft office for Mac update packages is available as free download that will works on all editions of MAC OS X. Microsoft office for Mac includes Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Power Point and Microsoft Office Outlook. There are only four programs are integrates into Microsoft office for MAC but the office 2010 for windows version includes up to 10 programs. There is a huge difference between office for MAC and office for windows. Microsoft office for Mac includes the same powerful tools, menus, functions, features and other accessibility options as well.

Microsoft office for Mac is professional, powerful, rich feature, most popular and most downloaded office and business software used all over the world. Microsoft office for Mac allows the Mac users to work from anywhere at any time. Microsoft office for Mac is the only source that provides professional tools to keep your business and work running. It will save the valuable time of Mac users with providing professional tools for faster working than ever before. Office 2008 for MAC and Office 2004 for MAC are the previous versions of Microsoft office for Macintosh OS X.

Create Documents and Presentations:

Microsoft office for Mac allows its consumers to create professional documents for business and professionals. Microsoft office for Mac also allows its consumers to create presentations in school, college, university, business or any other platform. This feature is previously available for windows. The documents creating, editing, printing, saving and designing is simpler, faster and easier in working just like as office 2013 for windows.

Microsoft Office Word for MAC:

Microsoft office word is rich feature utility to create professional documents with applying different fonts, colors, stylizing, adding pictures, page settings, print settings, alignment settings, headings and lots of more features. The menu bar and toolbar will provides more accessibility to take quick actions without wasting the time. Customizing is easier with applying style on text and creates professional letters, applications, letter pads and many other office documents. The layout is fully customizable to adjust the screen size at user desires.

Microsoft Office Excel for MAC:

Microsoft Office excel for Mac will works same as office excel 2003 and office excel 2007 for windows. The layout of excel for Mac is simple, easy to use and user friendly. Excel for Mac includes rows and columns that will shows the excel sheet as a table. User can easily create office sheets with applying different effects and easily take printout immediately. Excel for Mac includes the formula bar to calculate the values without wasting users time. Excel for Mac allows to organize working sheets with adding colors, changing fonts, paper size, customize layout, font style, font coloring, borders, adding charts, manage calculations, create daily basis reports, add security to files, add filters, adjust the height and width of columns and rows on your desires.

Microsoft Office Power Point for MAC:

Office power point for Mac is best and powerful software used to create and manage presentations. Office power point for Mac gives you unlimited sheets, layout, styles, coloring, fonts, adding of pictures, import, printing, page settings, borders, order and disorder, adding graphics into presentation, slideshow, customize slideshow timing, share to Microsoft SkyDrive and many other powerful features. The sharing feature will provides you accessibility to the presentations from any time, anywhere and any platform. The links are automatically opened in Apple Safari web browser.

Microsoft Office Outlook for MAC:

The Mac users are now connected with the online world to create meeting requests and schedule online meetings through Microsoft office outlook for Mac. It makes enable working together with sending emails, receiving emails, manage contacts and see the schedules in calendar. Microsoft office outlook for Mac has ultimate email inbox with providing user friendly graphics interface. The schedules of meetings, presentations and other business deals are automatically listed in calendar. The contacts are easily customizable and then send emails to stay connected with others.

Application Details

Size: 113 MB
Version: 14.7.2
Platform: MAC
License: Shareware
OS Environment: MAC OS X
OS Version: (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks)

Microsoft Office for Mac


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