Download Apple iTunes for Mac OS X

Apple iTunes for Macintosh OS X

Apple has released iTunes for MAC OS X (Macintosh) operating system that is fully compatible with all Apple MAC devices. iTunes is the most recent version of Apple iTunes released from Apple Corporations. iTunes is free multimedia utility software used to sync audio and video multimedia files between Mac device and iPhone, iPad and iPod devices as well. Apple iTunes for Macintosh OS X is completely freeware application already available for windows. Apple iTunes for windows (32-bit + 64-bit) has the same features that are included in Apple iTunes for Mac OS X. iTunes for Mac allows the users of Mac device to handle, organize and manage multimedia files with addition of Applications as well.

Apple iTunes for Macintosh OS X is also multimedia player that is able to play audio albums, high definition movies, TV shows, video songs and many other digital music files. Apple has introduces Radio listening feature to iTunes for providing more entertainment its users. iTunes is the only way that provides features of organizing music, apps and other data in iPhone, iPad and iPod as well. The MAC OS X users can easily import gallery data such as images, music, videos and other apps. Apple iCloud gives iOS users to backup their purchased apps and games on cloud storage. They can easily download and transfer these cloud based content to any other iOS device.

iTunes for Mac is fully compatible with all versions of Macintosh operating systems. Apple gives full control over the iPhone, iPod and iPad devices right from computer desktop without installing any other external software or application. iTunes allow the user to purchase music albums or application from iTunes store. You can also purchase premium apps after giving credit card or visa information in account. iTunes gives the user unlimited access to movies, music albums, videos, TV shows, books, apps and much more.

iTunes Radio:

iTunes gives unlimited and ultimate access to the live radio stations for listening music tracks immediately. There are thousands of live tracks are available at iTunes Radio. Some stations include new and latest collection of songs online. iTunes radio service will supported on all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPod touch, Mac OS X, Apple TV and others.

iTunes Store:

iTunes store has ultimate collection of music albums, apps, games, books, movies and TV shows as well. The users of iOS can easily purchase anything right from iTunes store. The transactions are completely secure and safe. iTunes store includes all the collection of gallery data with addition of lectures, museums data, podcast and much more.

iTunes Player:

Apple iTunes player will collects all the movies, music albums and tracks and TV shows directly. It is able to import music, videos and other multimedia content from CD's and DVD's immediately. You can play anything right from iTunes player without going to the original file location. You can browse and search tracks and videos easily right into iTunes player.

iTunes Cloud:

Apple iTunes includes iCloud service that will backup your purchase items such as apps, games, music albums, movies and TV shows as well. You can download this collection right from iTunes cloud service. The whole content can be easily restored into any other iOS devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac and PC as well. This will saves valuable money and time of user.

Application Details

Size: 256 MB
Version: 12.7
License: Freeware
Platform: Macintosh
Developer: Apple

Download iTunes for Mac OS X


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