ExtremeCopy Professional Free Download

ExtremeCopy Professional Free Download

Extreme copy professional is simple, fast and responsive data copying software used to copy large amount of data instantly. ExtremeCopy Pro is available for windows OS as free download for free try. ExtremeCopy Pro is able to copy data to multiple target sources within single task. ExtremeCopy Pro even copies data faster than any of its competitors. Windows self copier takes more valuable time of user for copying or moving large number of data and files from 1 source to another one. ExtremeCopy Pro is most responsive and extremely high data sending and receiving speed than teracopy data copier software for windows. ExtremeCopy Pro has higher number of data transferring capabilities that makes it as faster as possible.

ExtremeCopy Pro can easily copy or move any type of data such as images/pictures/photos, videos, music files, software/programs, games, applications, documents, ZIPRAR compressed archives and many more. ExtremeCopy Pro has 2 separate versions for windows. First version only supports 32-bit (x86) environments of windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows server 2008 as well. Second version has separate installation setup that supports 64-bit (x64) operating system environments of windows XP, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8 and windows server 2008. ExtremeCopy Pro is rich feature software that saves valuable time and money of its consumers.


ExtremeCopy Professional edition supports multiple languages from all over the world. ExtremeCopy Pro has language package for mostly used and most popular languages from worldwide. It allows you to keep your original language file as backup and translate Extreme copy in desired local language instantly.

Faster Speed:

ExtremeCopy Professional provides extremely high and fast data copying / data moving speed than any of its competitors. It copies larger files in seconds for save your valuable time and money as well. According to its developer, ExtremeCopy Professional can copy up to 20% faster than windows 7 explorer, teracopy, supercopier2 and lots of more. ExtremeCopy Professional is especially designed for providing maximum available speed to its consumers.


ExtremeCopy Professional wins many reviews and awards from different popular websites from worldwide. ExtremeCopy Professional is one of the best software that is certified by softpedia.com and it ranks ExtremeCopy Pro as 5 star ranking and 100% clean software. Brother soft gives it most favorite reviews as editor's pick. Download pipe rewards it as 5 star rating and review as clean software. CNET.com editor reward ExtremeCopy Professional as 4 star editor rating.

Windows Explorer Integration:

ExtremeCopy Professional automatically adds integration with windows explorer. It works 120% faster than windows default data copier. ExtremeCopy Professional adds shell integration into windows right click menu with addition of providing advance features. This feature will provides you more accessibility, ease and usability than ever before. You can copy or move data directly without opening ExtremeCopy Professional program.

Resume Failed Copying Files:

ExtremeCopy Professional knows information about failed copying files. It adds an advanced feature to resume / recover failed files only that will also saves your time to re-locate and re-copy them. ExtremeCopy Professional shows a list of failed files at the end of copying success and it will re-copy the failed files only with forced those failed files to copy. This feature will also providing you saving of time without cancel the entire copy while getting error message.

Copy to Multiple Destinations:

ExtremeCopy Professional is rich feature and intelligent software that works with perfection and accuration. ExtremeCopy Professional copies single file or folder to multiple destinations. This feature is not available in any other professional file manager software. If you want to copy one file to multiple destinations that you don't waste your time to copy and paste file in multiple times. ExtremeCopy Professional integrates the feature to copy or move files to multiple destinations under one single task.

Application Details

Size: 3.5 MB
Version: 2.3
License: Shareware
Platform: Windows
Developer: EaserSoft

ExtremeCopy Pro Free Download


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