Advanced System Optimizer Free Download

Advanced System Optimizer Free Download

Advance system optimizer (ASO) free download is optimization tool that will boosts the speed of computer windows. Advance system optimizer free download trial version is fully functional and fully compatible with all operating system versions of Microsoft windows. Advance system optimizer is smart, comprehensive and most powerful system software suite that is able to increase system speed up to 50%. Advance system optimizer is simple, fast and easy to use optimization tool that will works perfectly into windows 7, windows 8, windows vista and windows XP as well. Advance system optimizer was released by system tweaks that also release registry clean pro, advance driver updater, advance disk recovery, advance system protector, disk speedup and lots of others.

Advance system optimizer has multiple features software so it can be called all in one system optimizing tool as well. Advance system optimizer has launched its version 2 in 2004 for the first time ever. The success of Advance system optimizer 2 can be calculate through its popularity and downloads. According to the developer the second version of Advance system optimizer has up to 1 million downloads from all over the world. The latest version of Advance system optimizer is able to make your PC error free, secure, protected, faster, optimized and clean as well. Tune Up utilities and AVG PC Tune and Win utilities Professional are the best competitors of Advanced system optimizer.

Smart PC Care:

Smart PC care is the most powerful part of Advance system optimizer because it allows the user to take multiple actions in same time. These several tasks are file defragmentation, registry cleaning and file cleaning as well. This feature makes your system faster with taking multiple required actions at a same time. O&O Defrag Professional is most recommended disk defragmentation software for windows.

Game Optimizer:

Game optimizer is designed especially for PC games that want to play games rather than any other work. Advance system optimizer includes game optimizer that will relocates available system memory and reserve this for running heavy games. This will also provides a virtual desktop that will no longer runs any other task except games. This powerful tool makes computer games running on your PC.

Driver Updater:

This is most required and most recommended tool provide from Advance system optimizer to keep system drivers updated to the latest version. The latest drivers of computer hardware must optimize the running speed and acceleration as well. Driver database includes soundMax, Real AC97 audio, RealTek high definition audio driver and Intel extreme graphics driver.This tool alerts the user when any driver update is available and expired drivers can be automatically updated to latest version. Driver pack solution, DriverMax, Uniblue driver scanner, Easy driver professional and Driver identifier are also available as free download.

System Protector:

System protector tool will works like a anti spyware that must protect the computer from spyware and malware. Advance system optimizer especially adds this new feature to provide protection and security to its consumers for keeping the PC away from malicious and suspicious runs. This tool will helps you for cleaning, quarantining, scanning for threats and other dangerous worms as well. Malware bytes anti-malware is best anti-spyware software.

Disc Optimizer:

Disk optimizer tool lets the user to create complete disk fragmentation. This will increase the boot and loading speed of operating system with addition of running multiple applications in one time. This tool will also provides more free space after arranging the files and folders into sequential order. Disc optimizer is best tool to increase the running, restart, loading, booting and other speed performance of PC.

PC Fixer:

PC fixer is new tool that is included in Advance system optimizer latest version for the first time. This tool easily finds the recommended list of actions right from settings and control panel as well. It automatically finds the perfection of specific programs like sound settings, display settings, user settings and others.

Registry Cleaner:

Advance system optimizer introduces the new, updated and redesigned version of registry cleaner that will finds the problems and issues in system registry. Registry cleaner will fix the issues such as removing missing and duplicate entries, resolving corrupted entries, clean the registry entries to load the OS fast, fixing the bad entries and many others. You can also try PC Tools registry mechanic for multiple features.


Undelete is powerful data recovery tool that will finds the deleted items right from memory cards, USB flash drives and local hard disk drives as well. Undelete automatically finds the deleted files and folders and provide an easy and simple way to recover these deleted files instantly.

System Cleaner:

Advance system optimizer will know the value of user privacy and identity as well. System cleaner will automatically identifies those apps, files and registry entries that may harm your identity, security, privacy and data protection. This tool will help to locate those dangerous files and then easily remove them from computer immediately.

Registry Optimizer:

Registry optimizing tool will make the performance of computer and windows as fast as possible. It takes some needed actions after user confirmation to remove bad entries, missing entries, duplicate entries, corrupt entries and other unusable entries as well. This will also removes the gap and fragments right from windows registry editor to make its faster.

Uninstall Manager:

This is an advanced and powerful tool that will lets you to remove or delete applications, software or programs from windows. Uninstall manager is revised and redesigned version that has easy to use interface with simple and easy steps completion. You can easily uninstall multiple programs without opening add or remove programs from control panel. Revo uninstaller pro also works professionally.

Disk Explorer:

Disk explorer is advanced tool of Advance system optimizer that will lets the user to navigate to any of specific drive, folder and file to identify the size, date and other details. This tool will also provide advanced pie chart that tells the exact details in different coloring schemes. This will works like TreeSize Professional software for windows.

Memory Optimizer:

Memory optimizer will provides complete details in colorful graph that includes used memory, total memory and free available memory with details of resources. This tool of Advance system optimizer will works like windows task manager that will also provide details of system memory but very shortly then memory optimizer.

Privacy Protector:

Privacy protector will protect your privacy and identity from hackers, seekers, and other dangerous attackers that may harm your privacy and identity. Privacy protector will finds the traces, logs, cookies and other credential information based files from the windows. Most users using CCleaner for doing this job. After finding just remove them one by one of completely to stay safe and clean.

Secure Delete:

Advance system optimizer includes secure delete feature that is used to delete specific important and valuable data with protection. Secure delete will delete targeted files and folders without having to recover them with data recovery tools. The files and folders deleted with secure delete tool will be permanently deleted and can't be recover with power data recovery, r-studio data recovery, Paragon back and recovery, get data back, memory card data recovery software and others.

Disk Tools:

Disk tools will optimize the hard disk logical drives without losing the data in sectors. Advance system optimizer provides disk tools to remove the bad sectors from local hard disk and make it running faster than ever before.

Duplicate File Remover:

Duplicate file remover will search for duplicate files and folders. Advance system optimizer has introduced duplicate file remover to prevent the windows to store multiple files with same specifications. This will provide more free space with deleting duplicate files from computer.

Startup Manager:

Advance system optimizer introduce start up manager tool that will lets the user to customize the default and custom programs that are loading at windows start up. User can simply remove those heavy and unusable programs from the start up program list and makes your windows booting faster than ever. CCleaner also includes startup manager.

System and Security Advisor:

Advance system optimizer has included system and security advisor that will gives you tips for taking recommended actions. This powerful tool will always trying to optimize the performance of PC and increase it with taking multiple actions.

Secure Encryptor:

Secure encryption is most recent term used to encrypt data and files immediately. The encrypted data can be accessible without the permissions of admin. If your data was hacked by theft then don't be worry because this encrypted data can't accessible even copy to anywhere.

Application Details

Size: 16 MB
Version: 3.5
License: Shareware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Sys-Tweak

Advanced System Optimizer Free Download


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