3 Best Start Menu Programs For Windows 8


There are 3 most popular programs using mostly as windows 8 start menu. The first one is Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki, second is Window 8 Start Menu by IOBit and third one is Start8 for windows 8 from star dock as well. These 3 best and simple applications are easy to download and easy to install into windows 8. Windows 8 and windows 8.1 doesn't includes any start menu just like windows 7, windows vista and windows xp as well. Mostly consumers of windows 8 are just want start menu button back to windows 8 operating system. Microsoft release windows 8 especially for tablets, notebooks and laptops.
Windows 8 designed for touch books to quickly access the apps right from the desktop. Windows 8 all versions require start menu to make your windows like as windows vista, windows 7 and windows XP. Windows xp, vista and 7 include the start button and after that Microsoft releases windows 8 without start menu button. You can install these start menu buttons into any version of windows 8. These versions are windows 8 ultimate, windows 8 professional, windows 8 starter, windows 8 home edition, windows 8 home premium and others. These windows 8 start button programs also supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating system environments in windows 8.

1. Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki

Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki
Windows 8 start menu button developed and released by Pokki to provide start menu button to the users of windows 8 without any cost. The start menu button for windows 8 by pokki is completely free and don't requires any registration. It gives you access to the control panel, software, power buttons and many other customized shortcuts of different apps. The start menu button is fully customizable and provides you simple and easy steps to add and remove apps and favorite website bookmarks as well.

This start menu will looks like a smart phone and it integrates some extra apps, games and bookmarks of favorite websites. The search bar exists at the top of start menu which allows you to easily search and after navigate to targeted files instantly. Apps show small thumbs to easily get access without checking their names. The pinning of apps, games and bookmarks is simple, easy and accessible.

Previously pokki provides hundreds of games and applications for various platforms. Now they develop apps and games especially for windows PC and can be pinned into start menu of windows 8 easily. Pokki's windows 8 start menu allows this start menu to organize and manage these apps on PC easily. FarmVille 2 and Pixsta are the most popular apps from pokki. You can download more apps from pokki app store.

Application Details

Size: 1.6 MB
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Pokki
Window 8 Start Menu by Pokki

2. Window 8 Start Menu by IOBit

Window 8 Start Menu by IOBit

Windows 8 start menu developer and release by IOBit Corporation that also release advance system care previously for windows users. The Start menu button and tools by IOBit are just amazing because the look and style of this start menu button is same as windows 7. Everything is settled on perfect position at start menu. If you have used windows 7 then you must know about windows 7 start button. Many of Windows 8 users want to have start menu button in windows 8 just like as used in windows 7.

Windows 8 integrates metro style screen as alternative of start menu screen. There are lots of users that doesn't like windows 8 metro style screen. They want to come start menu button back to windows because they have love with start menu button. Windows 8 start menu by iobit is smart, intelligent and most powerful tool that will brings both windows 8 start button and start menu as well.

This smart tool will also provide you the feature to permanently skip the metro style screen with simple and easy steps. This will make the windows 8 to boot directly to the desktop with skipping metro screen page. It's the best windows 8 starts button and start menu than its competitors.

Application Details

Size: 11.4 MB
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: IOBit
Window 8 Start Menu by IOBit

3. Start8 For Windows 8 by Stardock

Start8 For Windows 8 by Stardock

Windows 8 start menu button released and developed by stardock that is world's best and most popular windows 8 start menu button than its competitors. Start8 is the name of this small application that brings the start menu and start button back in all versions of windows 8. This tool will adds a beautiful start button into windows 8 that is the root for accessing start menu programs. Start8 is simple, revised, redesigned and fully customized start menu button available as free trial period. This will replace metro style screen with windows 7 style start menu and button in your windows 8 OS version.

Start8 makes your windows 8 to boot directly to the desktop without loading metro style screen. You can easily pin or unpin favorite apps into start 8 start menu of windows 8. Windows 8 was shipped without start menu button and Microsoft introduces metro style screen pages for the first time ever in the history of Microsoft windows. Stardock developed start menu button for windows 8 after searching on user's feedback and comments. Most of those wants start button back because they are feeling sad after opening of metro style pages. They also bored from logon screen of windows 8 and want to skip this screen to the desktop.

Features of Start 8 for windows 8:

  • Unified Search bar
  • Start menu same as windows 7
  • Pin and unpin apps easily
  • 1 click access to pictures, videos, music and documents
  • 1 click shutdown, restart, stand by, log off
  • Original windows 8 menu is accessible
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Matching colors with taskbar
  • Customize start button
  • Boot directly to desktop
  • More...

Application Details

Size: 10.4 MB
License: Shareware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Stardock

Start8 For Windows 8 by Stardock

You are required to match the features, license, price, size and popularity among these start menu apps for windows 8. I've worked many hours to collect this information and after thoroughly reviewing of them just publish for the details for users. You choose the best start menu button application for your PC, laptop, notebook or tablet. Download any of these apps with 1 single click. Thanks for comments...!


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