O&O Defrag Professional Free Download

O&O Defrag Professional Free Download

O&O hard disk defrag releases its professional edition version as free download for windows users. O&O Defrag Professional is powerful hard disk defrag software that utilize the space in perfect order and increase the speed of your PC. O&O provides defrag professional that is the best and most powerful hard disk defrag utility. It automatically increases the health of hard disk and boosts the data copying and moving speed. The performance of overall computer will be optimized after cleaning and scanning of hard disk. Hard disk is the main part of computer and it takes your data & information in local drives. If the hard disk got bad sectors and errors in it so it can't be working properly. It slows down your PC and the performance of windows will automatically minimize. Defrag professional has capability support for windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and windows XP as well.

Basically O&O disk defrag professional can merges all the fragments with each other and remove the empty and free space from fragments. Hard disk keeps the data as it and it will clean the bad errors after cleaning it completely. Disk defragment is used to improve the performance of hard disk and cleans the bad errors from it. It merges the fragments and provides more free space to users. There is lot of wasted space in hard disk drives because the fragments and clusters are not completing their operations accurately. OO defrag professional is user friendly and easy to use software. Defragment is the most suggested process that boosts the speed of PC. The computer must be accelerated in performance after completing a perfect defrag task.

Free More Space:

Defrag professional software can increase more free space with fragmenting the files/folders accurately. The wastage of space will automatically increase after placing files and folders. The fragments and bad errors will slow down the data transformation speed dramatically. Deleting wasted space from hard disk will provides more up speed and acceleration as well.

Accelerate PC Speed:

After defragmenting whole hard disk drive and finishing the task of remove bad and wasted fragments from hard disk. PC has accelerated automatically because hard disk plays major role in performing most of operations in computer. The windows loading and booting speed will be faster because it merges the clusters and remove the wasted space from hard drive. All files will works sort by order in windows registry editor. Defrag professional is able to boosts the speed of computer, laptop or notebook directly.

Manual & Automatic Disk Defrag:

Defrag professional has includes both manual and automatic disk defrag features. You can easily choose your favorite feature and start defragging of your local hard disk drive instantly. The professional users are suggested to choose manual disk defrag because it perform slow and complete operation step by step. Manual disk defrag will takes less time than automatic and it performs the defrag operation quickly.

Optimize Hard Disk:

Defrag professional can optimize hard disk with removing wasted clusters and fragments among the files & folders. Hard disk drive performs all windows operations quickly after successful optimization. Most of professional experts suggested to have your hard disk optimize because it accelerates the overall speed of computer.

Increase Life of Hard Disk:

Every hardware part of computer has life limit because all machinery and electronic parts has specific life limit. They never remain working after finishing of life or health limit. Professional and advance users take cares of computer hardware devices because they knew the value of their data & information. Hard disk has also a life limit based on the health of it. Defrag professional is the only software that performs a successful defrag of hard disk and this will increase the health of hard disk. The life limit will increased immediately after processing successful operations.

Improved Interface:

Defrag professional has fully improved and optimized interface graphics. Defrag professional provides you all its features easily accessible and easy to use. Improved and optimized version gives access to its features with ease and access.

Multiple Defrags:

Disk defrag professional is multiple defragmenting supported feature that runs multiple process for separated local drives automatically. There are lot of software that provides disk defrag in both free and trial licenses but O&O defrag professional is the only software that takes multiple defragmenting of local hard drives in one time.

Support Portable Devices:

There are various types of portable devices that also require defragmentation of files and folders. Defrag professional is able to scan your portable device for any wasted or bad clusters and fragments. The portable media includes SD card, micro memory card, camera memory card, USB flash drives, cameras and MP3 players, external hard drives and many other devices. Keep your removable media safe and clean for increasing its health and performance.

Application Details

Size: 24 MB
Version: 21
License: Trial
Platform: Windows
Developer: OO-Software

O&O Defrag Professional Free Download


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