Nimbuzz Messenger For Windows PC Free Download

Nimbuzz Messenger For Windows PC Free Download

Nimbuzz messenger is finally available for windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2008 and Windows XP desktop PC as free download. Nimbuzz chat messenger supports both 32-bit(x86) and 64-bit(x64) operating system environments using for Microsoft windows. Previously nimbuzz messenger is available: nimbuzz for windows phone, nimbuzz for android mobiles and tablets, nimbuzz for iPhone, nimbuzz for iPad, nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian, nimbuzz for MAC devices and nimbuzz for Blackberry world. Nimbuzz for windows PC has simple and user enhanced graphic interface that makes it simple, faster and easier for users. Nimbuzz messenger works like Facebook messenger for windows, Skype for windows, Viber for windows, Yahoo messenger for windows and MSN messenger for windows.

Nimbuzz is simple, fast, smart and intelligent messenger used to send instant messages, make free calls, add contacts to nimbuzz phone book, make calls to landline numbers, nimbuzz to nimbuzz free calls and many more advance features. VoIP and SIP technologies are used in nimbuzz PC client. Nimbuzz allows its clients to make nimbuzz to nimbuzz free calls from mobile phone to PC and PC to mobile phone as well. Nimbuzz has simple and easy to use graphics interface that force the users to take all the features without wasting their valuable time. Nimbuzz allows the users for making international calls at lowest call rates. Nimbuzz gives you both functionalities to make calls to landline and mobile numbers as well.

Instant Messages:

Nimbuzz gives the possibility to send instant messages from mobile to PC, mobile to mobile, mobile to MAC, mobile to tablets, PC to mobile, PC to PC, PC to tablets, PC to MAC, MAC to PC, MAC to mobile, MAC to tablets and many other platforms. You can even send messages to friends, family and co-workers. You can add emotions and smiley's with messages and sends them instantly.

Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz Free Calls:

Nimbuzz allows free VoIP calls from nimbuzz to nimbuzz messenger right from your doorstep. All these Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls are free of cost and didn't require any registration or credits. Nimbuzz can easily access to your contacts from the service you used. The online friends automatically listed in contacts list with green mark. You can make free calls from mobile to PC, Pc to Mac and mobile to mobile free calls through Nimbuzz application.

Lowest Call Rates for Mobile and Landline Numbers:

Nimbuzz also includes call feature to landline numbers and mobile phone numbers as well. It needs credit/balance to make unlimited calls at lowest rates. Nimbuzz messenger works like Skype, windows live messenger, Yahoo messenger and Google talk as well.

Multiple Platforms:

Nimbuzz is most popular VoIP client messenger used in all around the world. Nimbuzz has millions of downloads all over the world. There are lots of users that are using Nimbuzz messenger regularly from anywhere, anytime and any platform. Nimbuzz is available for more than 1 devices that are: iPhone, iPad, Android Mobiles, Nokia Symbian, Blackberry, Android Tablets, Windows Phone and Microsoft Windows Xp / Vista / 7 & 8 as well.

Chat History:

Nimbuzz saves recent chat history for up to 50 recent chats. You can view the history of instant messages anytime from anywhere and any platform. Nimbuzz keeps the record of messages history for last 50 chats. You can also delete or remove any message history manually. Nimbuzz saves the history of chats even with friends, family and colleagues. The personal conversation can be deleted immediately after reviewing them manually.

Social Services:

Nimbuzz integrates many services to provide direct access to users. You can log-in from any of social service to get contacts listed in Nimbuzz directly. Nimbuzz provides many popular social services such as: Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo, Windows Live messenger or MSN. You can easily find your friends, family and colleagues right from your personal social service.

Best Call Quality:

The calling quality is best and perfect that is provide by Nimbuzz messenger. The call quality on mobile devices was depended on the mobile network. Most of mobile phone requires 3G connections to make perfect Nimbuzz calls. The performance of calling quality is best on PC and MAC devices. Nimbuzz calling quality is works just like as Skype calling quality. The voice is clear without hearing any noise.

Application Details

Size: 27 MB
Version: 2.9
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz Messenger For Windows PC Free Download


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