Internet Speed Test Software Free Download

Internet Speed Test Software Free Download

There are various online sites that provides internet speed test for monitoring network (meter) bandwidth and also downloading and uploading speed. Internet speed test software is now available for free download for windows users. Downtester is simple, fast and intelligent software tool that monitors the network with addition of uploading and downloading speed. Down tester is the only solution that is used to test download speed of any internet connection even on Wi-Fi, broadband or landline internet connections. You can use down tester software from anywhere around the world. Down tester showing complete details of every single download with name, URL, status, speed (bytes), speed (bits), downloaded, start time, connection duration and others. There are lots of speed testing services are available that works online just like, and more.

Downtester 1.3 is redesigned and re-build version that supports all operating systems of Microsoft windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows vista, windows XP and Windows server 2008 as well. The details of test are available in XML/HTML/TXT/CSV formats after finishing the speed test. It also gives copy to clipboard function to paste speed test details directly in Microsoft Office Excel. Down tester is free, simple, fast and light weight tool used to calculate the band width and downloading information instantly. It also measures internet connection speed in addition of ping and other details. Internet speed test software shows the speed of your internet connection with exactly available download and upload speed.


Down tester internet speed test software is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft windows with additional support for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) environments. The version 1.30 has integrated compatibility support for windows 8.1 professional, windows 8 ultimate, windows 8 home premium and windows 8 starter as well. The previous versions of downtester are already compatible with windows 7, windows vista, windows server 2008 and windows XP as well.

Simple, Fast and Intelligent:

Downtester is simpler, faster and smarter tool that works like networking meter and calculates the bandwidth of download in bytes and bits as well. There are lots of networking monitoring tools but they are not free and also they hangs the computer while browsing and downloading. Down tester internet speed testing software has no weight and load on your system. It doesn't disturb you and your work while doing any action.

Calculates Background Connection Details:

Down tester internet speed testing software automatically calculates the downloading details of background connections. There are lots of programs that run hidden updates after finding network connection. There are some antivirus, players, Java, flash player and others. Down tester finds the hidden connections and you can easily terminate any connection at anytime with one single click.

Easy To Use:

Down tester internet speed testing software has simple and user friendly graphics interface that makes it user friendly. Down tester is working just like as portable software works in windows. This software also supports both HTTP and FTP protocols for advanced monitoring.

FTP Server Support:

Down tester internet speed testing software includes FTP support for direct downloading connections. It monitors all types of FTP connections after scanning the system for network connections. Down tester also shows the complete URL address of connection with some additional features such as stating time, downloaded size, status, name, speed and many others.


Down tester internet speed testing software is a multiple language utility tool that is available in many popular languages from all around the world. There are lots of language files available at developer site to download and extract the ZIP files in installation directory. Multiple languages are providing the user more ease and access in their own local language. These languages are: Brazilian, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Chinese, Thai, Turkish, Spanish and many others.

Application Details:

Size: 135 KB
Version: 1.30
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Developer: Nir-Soft

Internet Speed Test Software Free Download


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