Download WhatsApp Messenger Android Apk

Download WhatsApp Messenger Android Apk

Whatsapp messenger application for Android APK used to communicate among the friends, family and colleagues. Whatsapp is a perfect cross platform messaging service available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and S40 series of Nokia mobile phones. Whatsapp is basically communicates with smartphone messenger of Android, Nokia Symbian, S40, Apple iOS, Blackberry and windows phone. Whatsapp can easily connect to network through Wi-Fi or 3G connection if available. Whatsapp Android application messenger gets access to your contacts of phone and SIM. It manipulates information about those numbers that are registered with whats app messenger. You can able to send emotions, smiles and stickers directly to any of your friends, family members or colleagues. Whatsapp gives you advance feature for sending attachments of multimedia files such as images, audio recordings, videos files, exact location and attachment of contact as well.

Whatsapp is simple, fast, easy to use and most powerful small application than its competitors. Whatsapp has thousands of millions of active users from all around the world. It needs only internet connection on your Android or other platform to connect with your contacts instantly. Whatspp gives you the feature to send unlimited messages to other friends online just free of cost. Whatspp is best message sharing application provides the most required features to its users. There are many improvements and bug fixes are made by its developer. Many user's face some stuck and re-registration problems in their mobile phones. There are 42,71,436 Google +'s gets by whatsapp messenger in Google Play store (Android market). The ranking of whatspp messenger in Google play store is 4.6 that is the best than viber, Skype, Yahoo and Facebook.

Free of Cost:

Whatsapp is completely free for any platform and any type of use such as commercial or personal use. Whatsapp charge you first time after 1 year with only 0.99 US$. Before 1 year you can do anything like messaging, sharing of files, sending emotions, group chatting and many other advance features. All these features are available for your platform with free of cost.

Multimedia Attachment:

Sharing and attachments is easy and accessible with whatsapp smart application. You can attach photos from gallery, capture picture directly from camera, attach video clip, attach audio or voice clip and also send any of contacts from phone book immediately. The attachment uploading speed is based on your Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Group Chat:

Whatsapp messenger has the ability to provide group conversation feature to its feature without any additional charges. You can add more than 1 contact into group chat feature instantly. After adding you can start chatting with each other with simple and fast service and quality. Group conversation is mostly used by professional and business users for discussing their business and planning.

No Registration Required:

Whatsapp does not need any registration and filling of form for signing up. It directly installs into your mobile phone and starting process after getting mobile phone number. It requires only mobile number that you used previously. Whatsapp is completely free smart messenger application that does not require any registration.

Get Started Without Signing in:

Whatsapp does not waste your valuable time because it automatically starts service every time when you open the whatsapp application. Whatsapp needs only mobile number for the first time use. After first time use of whatsapp, it does not ask you for any additional requirements such as email, password, username and many others.

No Need to Add Contacts:

The contacts of your mobile phone and SIM card are automatically listed in whatsapp application. You do not ask for entering whatsapp contacts one by one because it getting access to phone book contacts instantly. All that contacts registered with whatsapp messenger are listed automatically under whatsapp contacts.

Share Location:

Whatsapp adds additional feature for sharing your geographical location with your friends, family members and colleagues. Google map allows whatsapp messenger to get direct access to its maps from all around the world. Google map gets your right location including some popular stations shown in the map. Whatsapp gets screen shot of your Google map and sends it to targeted user.

Email Conversation History:

Chatting history will necessary sometimes because the business and professional users save their conversations for later use. Whatsapp provides you this advance feature to send all the conversation history with any specific contact through email. Whatsapp may stuck some time and needs to re-install it to run. There are various reasons that clean your history of whatsapp such as mobile phone stolen, crash, software update, stuck of whatsapp messenger and more.

Messaging with Emotions/Smiles:

The emotions, stickers and smiles are the mostly using entertainment source that shows your feelings and mode to your friends and colleagues. Whatsapp includes unlimited smiles, faces, parts of body, signs of love, flowers, emotions, houses, buildings, cars, airplanes, flags, traffic signals, special symbols, clocks, electronic parts, fruits and other foods, animals, sun, stars, moon and many others.


Whatsapp is most popular application from all around the world. There are various platforms are available with different software operating systems. Whatsapp is available for all those popular platforms that are mostly used in the world. These are:

  • Android
  • Nokia S40 Series
  • Symbian
  • Windows Phone
  • iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Blackberry

Application Details

Size: 37 MB
Version: 2.17
License: Free
Platform: Android
Developer: Whatsapp

Download WhatsApp Messenger Android Apk


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