AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Free Download

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Free Download

AOL instant messenger (AIM) is oldest instant messenger that uses instant messaging protocol and TOC protocol as well. AOL (AIM) is available as free download for windows, iPad, Android, iPhone, MAC and live web. AOL gives multiple features to its users on any device, anywhere and anytime. AOL instant messenger is simple, fast and powerful application that is clean from ads, spyware and malware. User is able to get social updates and notifications on AIM messenger easily. You can start group chat or have one to one call; it's easier and faster. It supports both the popular services for adding and chatting. The first one is Facebook and the other one is Google talk messenger. Just add these services into AIM (AOL) messenger and start chatting with friends, family and colleagues.

AOL instant messenger (AIM) also allows the text messaging feature to mobile phone numbers. Just add mobile number into AIM, type the message and send the message instantly. The replies are shown under the AIM messenger even the platform is iPhone or Android. Group chat feature is simple and easy to use because AIM makes it user friendly. You can add many friends in group chat feature to start group conversion. AOL messenger was introduced in 1997 for the first time and introduced by America online. AIM accounts are only available for 13 years old members. The children did not grant any access to AIM because it's the privacy policy of AIM.

Attachment Previews:

The attachment of pictures, music, documents, videos and other files is simple, easy and accessible. AIM is redesigned and re published to makes it accessible and user friendly. AIM can handle the media attachments very simply. User can share links, tweets, pictures, videos and music files. It provides you more accessibility from mobile devices to upload and download multimedia file attachments instantly. AIM messenger shows the media preview live without leaving the chat screen.

Group Chatting:

Group conversation is simple, fast and convenient. Add friends in to group chat and start your first group conversion with friends, family and co-workers. Group chatting is more advance feature than other messenger applications. Give a desire and favorite name to your group and entertain your friends. Multiple friends can send instant messages to each other and let's make your conversation more special and more entertaining than ever before.

Social Updates / Connections:

Social networks are the mostly used way for getting updates about the world. Social connections makes your friends stay connected with each other at anytime, anywhere and any platform. The social connections supported by AOL instant messenger (AIM) are: Twitter, Instagram, Google Talk, Facebook, Gmail and AOL mail as well. AOL stays you updated with comments, likes and other activities.

Automatic Updates:

AOL instant messenger (AIM) released latest version for improving the product as simple as possible. All the platforms have different versions and they are regularly updated on monthly bases. AOL instant messenger (AIM) for windows has now released 10.1 versions that is most recent version. The previous versions are 9.9 and 9.8 are popular.

Multiple Platforms:

AOL instant messenger (AIM) is available for multiple platforms. There are some portable devices that can install AOL instant messenger (AIM) to stay connected with friends from their mobile phones. AOL instant messenger (AIM) is available for windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Android and web platforms.

Text Messaging:

Sending text messages to mobile phone numbers is now easy and simple because AOL instant messenger (AIM) provides you the way to add mobile numbers instantly. Just compose your favorite message and sent it to any one that you want. Instant replies from the others can show in AOL messenger. After pressing enter, your friends get the message as SMS on their mobile phone device.

Application Details

Size: 17 MB
Version: 10
Platform: Windows
Developer: AIM

AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Free Download


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