Free Download Rapid Typing Tutor Touch Typing

Free Download Rapid Typing Tutor

Rapid Typing tutor is one of the simple, fast, powerful and best touch typing master that can accelerates user's typing speed simultaneously. As the name of rapidtyping tutor you knew it works rapidly and change the speed of typing to fast and faster as possible. The big thing is that rapid typing tutor is free for personal and corporate use as well. Rapid typing tutor does not include any limitations and no time trial. It's free completely and did not require any registration. Rapid Typing tutor provides safe and fast way to increase typing speed rapidly. It does not include any spyware, no toolbar and no adware in setup. Rapid Typing tutor also no need of internet connection to download or update any service.

Rapid typing tutor has the ability to increase the typing speed immediately with support of its integrated courses, lessons, games and other features. Rapid typing tutor is small and light weight typing tutor that is available in less than 10 MB of size. It does not require any additional installation or network connection. It's completely free with providing full features and version to its users. Rapid typing tutor also have portable version for office and student use. Portable version does not require any installation and you can use it from USB flash drive immediately.


Multiple languages are necessary for those users that don't know English. International users wants their own local language to use software in their own local language. Rapid typing tutor is available in many popular languages from all over the world. These languages are Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, Italian, Persian, German, Greek, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and many others.

Student Area:

Rapid typing tutor includes especial support for students with providing group support, different courses, student statistics, password protection, add big number of students, importing and exporting students data and statistics. This is an extra powerful advantage especially for student groups and classes to join and make a community for increasing typing speed rapidly.

Statistics Area:

Rapid typing adds results and statistics for every user or student with overall grading. It adds overall rating and shows it in statistics. Rapid typing tutor monitors your typing while typing on keyboard. The statistics includes repeated keystrokes, speed of typing, time trial, monitopring system keys like ALT, SHIFT and CTRL. It also shows the complete statistics for all characters and keys separately.

Updated Courses:

Rapid typing tutor includes various lessons to keep your typing speed growing as fast as possible. These courses are updated in every version of Rapid typing tutor. These lessons are also available in Greek, English, Netherland, Hungarian and Greek languages.

Save Time and Money:

The world has two main things that are valuable among the people that first one is money and second one is the value of time. Rapid typing tutor provides professional lessons and courses without any price or registration. There are various typing tutors are available like Typing Master that requires money to activate full access. Rapid typing tutor does not require any price because it's freeware software. After increasing typing speed the user can save their time with quick and rapid typing.

Easy to Use Interface:

The simplicity and easy to use are the best features provided by Rapid typing tutor that are not included in any other typing tutors. The main screem of this typing tutor is simple and filled with colors. So user is able to use the features and advantages easily without any additional help and support. There are big keyboard keys are listed below in separated colors that helps the user to understand easily.


The interface of Rapid typing tutor is just like playing a game on computer. There are colors every where that looks beautiful. Big keyboard layout and large font keys are listed in the middle of screen. There are some attractive pictures are given in the screen such as bird, clouds, sun, smiling panther and many other symbols that attracts the user to play this game of typing.


Rapid typing tutor gives full customization with customizing lessons, layout, errors, time trial, font size, layout, colors, split number of characters, font style, sounds, themes, shortcuts and many more customization. Everyone can easily make these customizations inside Rapid typing tutor.

Keyboard Layout:

The layout of keyboard is simple, looking beautiful, attractive, filled with colors, divided in numeric and alphabetic characters, big space button, hands on keyboard, includes special keys, system keys and functions keys are listed. Every user can easily type the lesson given by Rapid typing tutor.

Multiple Lessons:

There are multiple lessons are available for better and full training of complete keyboard keys. All the lessons are fully customizable and also updated every version. There are more than 10 lessons are provided to user for increasing the typing speed rapidly. All lessons are accessible after completing the previous lessons.

Application Details

Size: 14 MB
Version: 5.2
License: Free
Developer: Rapid Typing

Free Download Rapid Typing Tutor


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