Folder Lock Free Download Full Version

Folder Lock Free Download Full Version

Folder Lock is the most powerful and rich with features security software that allows to password protect files/folders or whole local hard drives immediately. Folder lock is compatible with windows 8, windows 7, windows vista and windows xp. Folder lock is best software that provides perfect security and privacy features. It can also password protect your USB flash drives, memory cards and other portable devices as well. Folder lock is one the most popular security software that has up to 25 million monthly users from all over the world. It has the ability to hide your files and folders easily. Folder lock provides password protection for unlimited files and folders without any external installment. Folder lock is simple and easy to use and it locks your files & folders with single click from context menu.

Folder lock is multiple feature suite that encrypts files, password protect folders, create a secure backup before protecting file or folder and best security solution for all portable devices. According to its developer it has above 20 professional features included. There are about seven security tools are included in Folder lock than ever before. It allows to backup files and folders to online cloud based services such as Google drive, Dropbox and Sky drive. It has 256-bit AES encryption technology for better protection. Cleaning your windows history is simple and fast with folder lock software. There are bundle of wallets available to store your personal information and stay safe from hackers.

Lock Files & Folders:

Folder lock is able to password protect your personal files and folders easily. There are unlimited files and folders can be hiding or password protect with folder lock. This will keeps your personal files and folders safe from any unauthorized access. There is wide range of supported files for locking such as drives, multiple files, multiple folders, programs, office documents, Zip files, audio and video files, picture & images and many other file types. Folder lock has access to windows kernel debugger to provide you perfect protection even the windows run in safe mode.

Encrypt Files & Folders:

256-bit (AES) on the fly military grade encryption technology was used in folder lock that makes you enable to encrypt your personal files & folders. This feature will allows you to add your personal and favorite files into storage locker. This will keep your data and information safe from unwanted access. The encrypted lockers are small and dynamic that will never requires too much space in local hard drive.

Create Safe Backup:

Folder lock keep backup of your personal information or data in cloud based servers such as Google drive, sky drive, Dropbox and many others. It can upload all your personal and private information to these cloud based servers. This process is 100% safe and automatic so every change to your backup locker will automatically sync with cloud storage.

Protect Portable Devices:

Folder lock has ability to password protect and create safe encryption for CD/DVD, encrypt USB flash drive and other portable devices as well. The protection of USB and other portable devices is available under "Protect USB drive" feature. There is also a CD/DVD protecting tool that can convert existing lockers into portable so you will burn these lockers into CD/DVD disc drive.

Clean Windows History:

Folder lock can immediately remove all the digital signatures, footprints, traces, logs, cookies, temporary files, browsing activities and logon information as well. You can also remove your clipboard data and directory open/save details with folder lock. Windows program history cleaning feature will allows you to remove history of windows paint, clean recent playback history of windows media player and Microsoft office history as well. This will stay safe your computer from malicious and suspicious attacks.

Create Wallets:

Wallets are ready to store your personal information such as credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, PIN numbers, passwords, emails, log in information's, banking details and credentials and many other personal information. Folder lock restricts any type of unwanted and unauthorized access to your wallet cards. You can also save your passport details, mobile numbers, mobile phone security information and other template information. All the data stored in wallet card will 100% safe from hacking attacks, thieves and other online seekers.

Shred Files & Folders:

Shred feature of folder lock makes you enable to delete your personal information, data, files & folders safely and securely. This will also removes all the traces stored behind the information as traces. You can also shred whole hard disk or choose single partition of local disk drive. This feature makes your data and information un-recoverable. The files & folders that deleted with shred technology can't be restore or recover with any data recovery software.


Folder lock is one of the best, simple, secure and fast security solutions that are available in affordable price. According to its author it wins too many awards and reviews from all over the world of information technology. These companies are CNET download, PC magazine, top ten reviews, snap files, PC world, free download center, download atoz, software informer, soft32, softpedia, brother soft, download pipe and many others. Most of these websites/companies awards folder lock as 5 star ranking for its working and performance.

Application Details

Size: 10 MB
Version: 7.7
Platform: Windows
License: Shareware
Developer: New Software

Folder Lock Free Download Full Version


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