Free Download UltraSurf For Windows

Free Download UltraSurf For Windows

UltraSurf finally released its full and final version that is available as free download for windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. UltraSurf free download provides you privacy, security and freedom. UltraSurf allows you to browse the web experience as with complete freedom, security and privacy. UltraSurf allows you to access any website that is blocked in your country, region or specific area. UltraSurf has anonymous servers that are ready to connect from anywhere and anytime. You can easily connect to UltraSurf with simply launching the u1301.exe program file. UltraSurf is simple, fast and easy to use proxy software that is available for free of cost. UltraSurf can easily connect to its integrated servers.

UltraSurf is a perfect proxy based software tool that provides you better internet security, privacy and safe browsing. UltraSurf allows its servers to bypass firewall and gateways to protect your identity. UltraSurf is the mostly used and most popular proxy software among its competitors such as hotspot shield, spotflux and much other proxy software. UltraSurf is basically designed for providing help to internet users in China. UltraSurf is now become one of the popular privacy and anti censorship software that has millions of downloads every most. UltraSurf has its own users from over 180 countries all over the world.

UltraSurf can encrypt the online censorship to keep safe the browsing of its users. UltraSurf provides faster page loading speed to all the users from anywhere. UltraSurf has not requires any installation and un-installation. UltraSurf has no more loads on your system because it is a light weight and easy to use software. It hides your IP addresses when you open any website it shows anonymous internet protocol address. This will also keep protection from hackers and seekers. Your online identity can't be trace while using of UltraSurf.


UltraSurf provides more security than any other proxy software. It connects its integrated servers and then encrypts that pages you want to browse anonymously. It hides your IP address from trackers to stay safe your security and data protection. There is no access to you from any third party service while using UltraSurf.


UltraSurf has rich with proxy features to keep browsing with freedom. It provides you direct access to all blocked or banned sites from your country or region. There are tons of sites are blocked by Government or other agencies in specific regions like China. UltraSurf gives you access to those blocked sites immediately.


UltraSurf provides more privacy to secure yourself, your computer and your data from any of hacker attempts, seekers or trackers. UltraSurf has special servers that hides your original internet protocol address and displays the anonymous IP address to others. This will stay safe your identity and privacy.

Application Details

Size: 2.45 MB
Version: 13
License: Freeware
Developer: Ultrasurf

Free Download UltraSurf For Windows


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