Dropbox Free Download For Windows

Dropbox Free Download For Windows

Dropbox is finally released from Dropbox as free download for Windows platform. Dropbox is also available for Android, iPhone, Linux and MAC platforms. Dropbox is basically a cloud based storage feature that allows you to create a free account account and upload your important data files on the server. After the successful upload on the Dropbox, you have the direct access to these files from anywhere and anytime. Dropbox provides you unlimited features and storage for uploading your files on cloud based service. There are many other cloud based storage services are available such as Google Drive, SkyDrive and many other. Dropbox is one of the most famous and popular online storage services that are completely free for all of its users.

Dropbox allows you to share your files with your friends, family and colleagues. They can download your files on their platform easily after your sharing with them. Dropbox easily saves your files like pictures, videos and documents. Dropbox provides you access through multiple platforms such as mobile phones, online website and Dropbox for computers. If you are a student then upload your assignments and sheets to Dropbox, if you are a professional business then upload your important data files to Dropbox and if you are a developer then upload your development files like SDK, Apps, Scripts or server files to Dropbox.

Your data will be staying safe at Dropbox because it restrict all the prohibited access to your account. You can only have access to your Dropbox account after entering your email and password. If you don't have these account details then you have no access to Dropbox. After sharing a specific folder or file to others it will be published as public file so anyone have direct access to this file after getting the link of that file.


Dropbox provides you backup service for your music, video, image, documents and other data files. These files are safe online in Dropbox before till the manual deletion of these files. If you fear from deletion of your data and files then create an account on Dropbox and upload your files on Dropbox as a backup.


You can easily download your files one by one or whole folder with easy and simple steps. If you have lost your data files from your computer then you don't have to fear because Dropbox provides you backup of your data files. Just download your important files from the Dropbox easily.

Cloud Storage:

Dropbox is cloud based service that provides you unlimited space to upload your data files, music files, video files, image files and other documents. All these files are uploaded to a cloud based storage that provides you direct and easy access from anywhere, anytime and any platform.

Easy Access:

Dropbox is simple, fast and easy to use tool that allows you to upload and download files easily from its server. Dropbox provides you easy access to your files with simple and easy steps. You just log in to your account and browse your files and folders with ease and success.


Dropbox provides you infinite security and privacy to your important data and files. You can password protect your files easily and don't share important files to others. This security feature helps you for protecting your files from others unauthorized access.

Multiple Platforms:

Dropbox is available on multiple platforms to provide you access to your important files from your door step. These platforms are easily accessible through any platform. These platforms are:

  • Macintosh
  • Linux
  • Windows (XP/7/8/Vista)
  • IPhone
  • Android

Easy Sharing:

Dropbox also provides you sharing feature to share your files to your friends, family and colleagues. If you are a student then you can easily share your college/university documents, assignments and question papers to Dropbox. So other students can have access to your Dropbox files easily.

Application Details

Size: 80 MB
Version: 35
License: Freeware
Developer: Dropbox

Dropbox Free Download For Windows


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